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landscape designers found a car buried in Thursday morning in Atherton’s backyard, police said.

It is happened in a home on block 300 of Stockbridge Avenue.

SkyRanger NBC Bay Area took off over multi-million dollardollar property and spotted investigators digging up what counts possible crime scene.

The police think car was in the land is from the 1990s and belonged to the previous owner of in home. They are added what current owner of in property, who called the police, they said they didn’t know car was here.

Officials added what car was buried about 4-5 feet underground.

“The dead dogs were called to the scene. corpse dogs made little notice of possible human remainsCommander Dan Larsen said. of Atherton Police Department.

The police said that no one remains we found And how of Thursday evening.

“It’s a secret in my own neighborhood,” said Atherton resident Athena Ogawa.

Mystery solved and continues for Ogawa and others Thursday night like vehicles. including patrol cars and SUVs went in as well as out of long road leading to home.

The Menlo Park Fire Department came to the area on Thursday to help. with dig.

home was last Sales in March 2020, according to real real estate company Redfin.

As of On Thursday evening, small details were made public, which left some of the neighbors wondered.

“It’s kind of strange,” said Atherton resident Peter Sun. “But it’s usually pretty safe, and it’s like all good of minding their own business.”

“It’s strange, but it was very interesting to watch all this,” said Ogawa. “I just want see how it plays out.”

Police said the registered owner of in car an investigation is underway and they are not currently disclosing the identity of the individual.

Landscape designers have discovered car buried in Thursday in Atherton’s backyard and it counts possible crime scene. NBC Bay Area investigator Jackson Van Derbeken reports.

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