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Pokémon Hour stars featured in November 2021 in Pokémon GO: list, tips and more

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Protagonists of the Pokémon Hour featured in November 2021 in Pokémon GO: list, tips and more

We bring you an interesting compilation related to one of the most prominent games on the mobile market. We are talking in this case about Pokémon GO .

In the text that we leave you to Next, we can find out which will be the main Pokémon of the Hours of the Pokémon featured in the game during the next month of November.

Remember that these hours have been developed since February 2020 and consist in that, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm local time , a wild Pokémon appears more frequently alongside a specific bonus. This helps us to find its shiny variant, since, although the event does not make it more likely to be shiny, the fact that a specific Pokémon appears more abundantly does increase the chances that one of them is variocolor .

These are the events for the following Tuesdays:

  • November 2: Cacnea (shiny not available) | 2 × Candy per catch
  • November 9: Chinchou | 2 × Candy by transfer
  • Nov. 16: Turtwig | 2 × Stardust per capture
  • November 23: Chimchar | 2 × PX per capture
  • November 30: Piplup | 2 × Candy per catch

Do not forget that the chances of shiny will remain at 1 in 500 for each encounter, although the fact that the featured Pokémon is more likely to appear wild means that it is also more likely to get the varicolored form.

We leave you some information and tips that will be useful for this time next:

    Catch as many Featured Pokémon as you can !: more frequently. We advise you not to miss a single one, you never know when you will need your candy.

  1. You will also get
  2. a specific bonus ! This works with all Pokémon you catch, not just the featured one.

  3. Find the shiny form: Featured Pokémon Hours are characterized by the ability to catch several shiny species, so don’t hesitate to try your luck.
  4. We also leave you with

    some more tricks :

    1. Use your Pokécoins to buy incense and increase the spawn rate of all Pokemon.
    2. Clear space in your Pokémon storage box for all the featured Pokémon you will catch.
    3. Take lots of Poké Balls with you so you can catch lots of Pokémon.
    4. Take advantage of its candies to evolve it!

    What do you think? If you are interested, you can take a look at our full coverage of the title at this link.


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