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Pokémon GO helps a player lose 18 kilos and control their diabetes

Pokémon GO helps a player lose 18 kilos and control their diabetes

That Pokémon GO took people out of their homes from the moment it reached their smartphones is a fact. And there have been many curious stories that have arisen around the game. Although some have been somewhat gloomy or negative, with people who have suffered accidents from chasing that long-awaited pocket monster, in cases like the one we bring you here, they have helped them a lot.

We talk about case posted on Reddit by Big_Then and collected by our fellow Screen Rant . This user comments how his father began to do a lot of physical activity thanks to Pokémon GO. After all, the game proposes This is to be able to capture new creatures and open the eggs based on the kilometers traveled. Thanks to this activity encouraged by Pokémon GO, he comments that his father has been able to make his type 2 diabetes go away. And not only that, but he has lost 18 kilos along the way.

It is worthy of remember that Pokémon GO is not a remedy for diabetes, far from it, but it is physical activity and a balanced diet , such as the doctor has commented to Big_Then’s father. And that physical activity, in this case, has been motivated by Niantic’s game. As the user closes on Reddit, as long as his father continues with this activity and eating balanced, the diabetes will continue to remit, as the doctor tells them.

A happy story caused by Pokémon GO. What do you think?



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