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P&O Ferries are not first in the waters of the UK, hire a little-cost workers

If Grant Shapps hoped that P&O Ferries would drop his ultimatum this week and reinstate the 800 laid-off workers, the letter back quickly dissuaded him.

Such a move, said P&O Ferries CEO Peter Hebblethwaite. lead for the company to fall apart by adding transport secretary there was “ignorance of the fundamental and factual realities of the situation”.

It wouldn’t be first time minister did so when it comes to the sea. Although Shapps has now vowed measures to combat the actions of P&O Ferries laying off all crew across the UK. on their “British” (but issued in Jersey) contracts and provide a minimum wage, government has long turned a blind eye to paid abuse.

Back in 2014, the late Bob Crow, then RMT union leader, denounced super-exploitation of Foreign citizens in the British shipping industry… a massive scandal that the political elite want be silent.” That union started protests over The Condor Ferries operating from Portsmouth and Poole to the Channel Islands are manned by overseas agencies who says pay just £2.40 per hour. (Condor did not respond to inquiries for comment.)

In 2017 checks of several courts from different operators working out of UK ports have been confirmed by the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) that the payment below the minimum wage was widespread.

Early 2021 when Irish Ferries announced plans bring it to a minimum cost crewing model towards the Dover-Calais corridor, unions have been warned of but race to the bottom. Irish Ferries were the forefathers of P&O with an ax in 2005 dismissal – though with consultations – hundreds of crew to replace them with employees of foreign agencies. Instead of acts, complained to RMT, government “swept out Red carpet.” (Irish Ferries did not respond to inquiries for comment.)

asked Hebblethwaite Darren Jones, Chairman of the House of Commons business committee if he was “unscrupulous criminal”, but he frankly answered many of questions that ministers never wanted ask. average salary of sailor on The Jersey contract was worth £36,000 a year. year said last weekly hearings; tearing it up up for cheap agency team, average hourly pay will now be around £5.50 an hour.

Dealing with the issue of minimum wage one unambiguous, clear promise of Shapps action, was in fact approved by P&O Ferries to “align playing field”. RMT supports enforcement, but points out it has nothing to do with the immediate crisis: “We don’t want P&O staff who we on long away more than the minimum wage back with a 60% pay cut,” a spokesman said says.

Besides, it’s a curious hill for Now Shapps is setting the flag: The minimum wage law has been extended in October 2020 for most working seafarers in UK waters, regardless of where the ship was registered. But the ferries were not included.

Tim Tindall, Employment Partner at Keystone Law, says: ” framework of law already in place. But for now it’s called a “loophole” in in the law, this is not a loophole at all,” Tyndall said. says. “An exception of staff on the ferry service was quite deliberate.”

More critical at P&O cost savings compared to hourly pay – rest days. Before culling on March 17, the crew was paid. full-time on picture seven days of 12-hour shifts in a row, sleep on board and then seven days off. Now the agency staff will deal with for two weeks for much less with no income in between.

As Hebblethwaite writes out in letter to Shapps: “Under this model crews are paid for the actual time they work (plus holidays) and not the previous one model in what crews were provided full to pay for open 24 weeks a year”.

Ship operators claim they just use global labor, work market; few vacationers enjoying how far their pound or dollar goes in Eastern Europe or Asia maybe concerned on local wages. But ships deliver this difference directly to UK ports.

According to the Department for Transport statistics, less than 15% of sailors work for In Great Britain operators British; outside officer class, more than three quarters drawn from outside British or European economic area.

While P&O Cruises latest Advertising campaign trying distance herself from P&O Ferries, a Carnival-owned firm, paid hourly rates that even Hebblethwaite could not afford. dream of. In 2012, a Guardian investigation found that ships sailing out of Southampton paid staff only 75 pence an hour. basic wage.

Asked if these rates have been improved, a P&O Cruises spokesman said: “The cruise industry as a whole hires sailors. of over 50 different nationalities. Our prices of wages are competitive, fair and equitable and based on on market terms in sailors home the country.”

Minimal salary for experienced workers in state of Maharashtra in India, home to the offices of the agency in Mumbai, which supplies many carnival crews, currently Rs 470 (£4.73) per day.

How Shapps will step into these muddy waters will look with interest. Meanwhile in the UK, P&O Ferries set out his stall to become latest concert economy employer. Poll list visible for pride of Kent, one of four ships based in Dover, where total of just less than 600 jobs were cut, the crew is now almost entirely from Eastern Europe, flew in for two weeks cheap work and then sent back.

A representative for the Nautilus International union said, “What’s going on with all these people who trained as sailors in Great Britain? And what does it say about us like the country we allow it will happen?”


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