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PM’s ‘out of syllabus’ response to students asking about opposition, criticism | Latest News India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday talk about challenges faced by him during the title “Pariksha pe Charcha” for the students. Many students also sought his guidance in facing Cash – in reference to the opposition and media – The Prime Minister shares his approach. “when you people Take the exams and come back home and bear out a reviewfor you first reaction to any wrong The answer to an unexpected question is that it was out of curriculum”, and his response sparked laughter and cheers from the students.

“As much as I am concernedI have a strong belief in that for Criticism of democracy is a purgatory. Criticism is a precondition for “democracy” of “Open source technology” In the same vein, companies offer products, the Prime Minister said in the market and invite people To highlight the flaws. This is amazing just shows Importance of reactions. But the important thing is who Criticizes “.

“Don’t lose focus,” he suggested, adding, “Too much of Effort goes to cash.” he also To understand that this is the age of abbreviations. Most people Indulge in accusations, not criticism. There is a big gap between criticism and accusations. we should Not spend time and energy on Those who accusation,” the prime minister insisted.

https://www.youtubecom/watch? v = JmITYy5YUO4

Many students – through event They were seen asking questions of Prime Minister Modi in this regard. “There are many who Have a negative opinion of you. Do they influence your opinion? If yes, then how Are you leaving the country? of lack of self confidence. I would like like for your directions in this regard one of With them. else student He said: “I am want To ask you – when media The opposition criticizes you. how Do you face the situation? More often than not, I am not able to face criticism of for me parents. “

The prime minister considers the opposition’s criticism a “energizer”, one of The students said, citing his grandmother.

Sixth edition of Pariksha pe Charcha was held in Talkatura Stadium in Delhi. “Me too face Exam. lakhs of The questions that students send to me, which is a huge treasure for Prime Minister Modi said.

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