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PM Modi wants ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ on your social media too, puts it in ‘Mann Ki Baat’


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged people To put “tiranga” (“three colours”, national flag) as display Pictures on social media Profiles between 2 and 15 August. On his radio broadcast “Mann Ki Baat” broadcastHe referred to a movement called “Har Ghar Teranga” (the three colours). on All house) It takes place from 13 to 15 August. “Let us Strengthening this movement by raising our national flag homes,” He said.

The drive part of Azadi ka Amrit Mahutsav (Festival of Piety of Freedom’), which was celebrated with many of events and charts in The lead-up to the 75th anniversary of this independence year. The prime ministers said it was turning into a mass movement.

When choosing August 2 to begin The social media personal picture driveHe said that the date coincides with the birthday of Bengali Venkaya,”who designed our national Science”.

Oli Venkaya design in The year 1921 – given by Mahatma Gandhi – was, in facta little different from what it became in the end national science, but it served as a prototype. for him design We had the three colors we have today, but we had share it (spinning wheel, symbol of self-reliance) in the center.

Moody PM also Referred to as “Madam Kama” which full The name was Bhikiji Rustam Kama, who played “A key role in give shape to me national Science ” version From 1907 it also had three colors, along with many cultural and religious symbols, with “Vandi Mataram” in center.

For “Har Ghar Teranga” campaignCenter government she has also Modify the flag icon. Now, all kinds of materials It can be used for Manufacture of flags – polyester, cotton, wool, silk and khadi banners material – Earlier machine-made Polyester flags are not allowed. there also No restrictions on the size of science, no on timing of that it display. Earlier, the flag was only allowed to fly from sunrise to sunset.

according to official statement, over 20 crores national Flags will be raised on higher of houses for The three days.

PM Modi, in Title, mainly focused on events to celebrate independence. “People of all walks of Life and from every section of The community participates in Various programs across the country. When India turns 75 of her independence, everything of us You will witness a glorious and historic moment.”

he spoke of some blueprints of for him government, very. Exhibitions of several cultures also found Male, as did Ayurveda. he is also Congratulations to the athletes who Achieve success during the month of July.

“A few days ago results of Grades 10 and 12 have been announced across the country,” he said, “I congratulate all these students who achieved success through them hard work and dedication.”

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