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PM Modi: Ayush visa will be offered for foreigners who want to come to India for traditional Treatments

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Wed that the center soon enter a special Ayush visa category for foreign nationals who want To come to India to benefit of traditional medicine, as part of Initiatives to promote medical tourism.

“With this visa, you are going to travel easier for Access to Ayush Treatments (in India)”, Prime Minister Modi said while speaking at the opening session of IOSH Global Investment and Innovation Summit 2022 in Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar. he is added That the center has a large number of Initiatives to encourage and strengthen the Ayush sector, including incorporation of a digital portal To connect medicinal plant growers with Ayush product manufacturers.

WHO President Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Mauritius Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnoth and Union Minister Ayush Sarbananda Sunwal, Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel was present at session.

Adding that the investment summits are key in Take any forward sector and Modi highlighted this idea for Ayush summit came to him during Covid-19 “when there was widespread panic across world“We saw how Ayurvedic medicines, Ayush kada and many other products have been helping people To increase immunity. during the times of Covid-19, turmeric exports from India have increased its complications. Innovation and investment increase capacity of Any multi sector. Now is the time to invest more possible in Moody said.

Noting “the possibilities are limitless of innovation and investment”, Modi highlighted the initiatives planned by the company government for near future To further encourage this sector, including helping farmers, encouraging start-ups, and stimulating medical tourism.

“Whether it’s natural supplements, drug supply chains, Ayush-based diagnostics or telemedicine, there are possibilities of Innovation and investment are everywhere. To encourage startups in The traditional Medical sector, many steps Taken… A few days ago, All India Institute Nursery Center opened of Ayurveda…it’s the age of unicorns (privately owned startup company with evaluation of 1 billion dollars) in India is among the emerging companies. In the four months of 2022, 14 startups in India joined Rhino club. I sure”We’ll see rhinos emerge from the Ayush sector,” Modi said very soon.

highlight range of sustainable digital market, moody addedThe Himalayas are well known for Herbal plants … our government encourages production of Herbal and medicinal plants. can be a way of sustainable income and scope for Generate job opportunities. The market for These factories, however, are limited and specialized. These cultivators should find it easy to relate with The market. And so on government works fast for It is an online market portal It would connect the companies that make Ayush products with Farmers grow medicinal plants.

Modi added That “ayushmark” is also user developed that will be stamped on products for give to be sure of Globally high quality. “In the past We signed a few years more More than 50 MOUs. For living, a huge export market will open up er more from 150 countries“India is an attractive destination for medical tourism,” he said.

speak on dexterity of traditional Medicines, as Modi cited an example of Rosemary Odinga, daughter of former kenny prime minister Raila Odinga, who It said cured of blindness Via Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala state. He said that ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ even existed in the time of Ramayana when Hanuman brought herbs from the Himalayas for Lakshman when he fainted.”

Modi addresses Dr Tedros ‘Tolsby’

while, in A lighter moment, Modi called Dr Tedros ‘Tulsibhai’ after the WHO chief told prime minister About his long relationship with Indian and Indian teachers during his childhood and college years. Dr. Tedros Ho already like Native Gujarati, Modi said.


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