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PM Modi at the launch of Central Vista

Prime Minister Modi said during his speech that Bose was forgotten after independence. He said, “Boss had a vision, he was brave. He was saying, India is not a country that will not forget its pride history. The history of Country in the blood of Every Indian.” He added“The Statue of Netaji at the Kartavia path will become a resource of Inspiration…in past Eight years we took decisions that bears the impression of My net worth.”

Modi said India is now moving beyond mentality of colonization. Male rename of Andaman Islands after Netaji Boss, and also To rename Race Course Road as Lok Kalyan Marg. The Indian Navy has also She adopted the Chhatrapati Shivaji symbol and cast the symbol of My servant. these changes You are not limited to icons. these changes region; part of He said: “He established the country,” adding: “If India went this way path Showed by Netaji after independence, it would have been different story. But India forgot its hero.”

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