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Plot planned to overthrow PTI government in Punjab, claims Imran – Pakistan

chairman of the PTI and former prime minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said a plot was being prepared to overthrow PTI. government in Punjab, claiming that its ministers in the provinces were threatened with bribes from “Mr. X and Mr. Y”.

Speech at a rally in Chishtyan, he said bribes were offered to PTI legislators in Punjab. worth millions of rupees. “Both Mr. X and Mr. Y are threatening them to accept these bribes.”

Imran hinted that Punjab government would be overthrown via mistrust vote and subsequently showed series of past statements by PML-N leaders where they could be heard saying that the establishment is playing a “third party” role in in no-confidence traffic against him before that year.

“So if no-confidence vote succeeds in Punjab, then according to them [the PML-N]it will be done by the establishment,” he said.

development on The head of PTI went on to say in his statement that a “conspiracy was hatched” to bring in PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif. back to the country.

However, Imran said that he was not embarrassed by the return of Nawaz. “I wait for you will come back. And when you do I promise the nation will greet you in a way who has never seen before in country.”

But, as the head of PTI argued, “while the nation is suffering from floods and an economic crisis, you playing these political tricks. “Don’t you care about for country and its people? You destroy everything.”

Imran also criticized the suspension of YouTube service across Pakistan during its Peshawar rally yesterday, saying that government cracked down on journalists supporting PTI and channels broadcasting his performances out of fear.

“They are scared and want disqualify me,” he said, adding that this is why “fake cases” are registered. against his. “But now that everyone of their methods fail, they try to turn the institutions – the army and the judiciary – into against to me.

“But, let me warn you, no matter what you do, you will be defeated,” said the head of PTI. added.

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