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Plant vs Undead changes the rules of the game again and gains rejection from gamers

The players of Plant vs Undead were surprised, this Tuesday, September 21, by the announcement of new changes in the project, which caused a great stir in the community.

The modifications of the rules will come into effect in mid-October and are related to the launch of the new PvP game mode which is “plants vs plants” or “battle mode”.

Like the entire project, this stage will be launched in beta version, but in its own chain of blocks , which they have called Factory Chain ( FAC). “It means that this mode will use a separate ecosystem together with a new token,” the developers reported via Plant vs Undead social media.

The digital farming game was developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), where the PvU token, native to the project, and the internal token LE coexist, which is used to grant rewards within the platform.

In this ecosystem of BSC exists the Farm 2.5 mode or “farm mode” in which rewards are obtained by completing missions as farmers. To do this, players must tend crops, protect them from crows, sow seeds and water their own plants or the world tree.

Now, with the launch of the PvP section, players will get rewards for winning battles and, to enter, they will be able to count on the non-fungible tokens (NFT) they have in the farm mode.

“Players who already own assets in the farm mode will be able to replicate all their assets in the PVP mode and start playing with their NFTs”, as reported by the creators in their announcement of this Tuesday. However, this ability to replicate NFTs will only be allowed for one week after the launch of the battle mode.

One week after the launch of the PvP mode, farm mode and PvP mode will be developed independently. After this point, players can no longer transfer assets between the 2 modes.

Official announcement from the developers of Plant vs Undead.

A storm falls on Plant vs Undead

The announcement of the developers caused multiple adverse reactions in the community that revolves around the project . One of them that of Manuel Terrones, better known as Kmanu88, a youtuber specialized in games play to earn or “play to win”.

The rules of the game have changed so much that predicting is impossible here. We all know that NFT games are centralized and that we are subject to the decisions of their developers, but many are more loyal to making the rules clear and others are more likely to change the rules all the time, like Plant vs Undead and that takes away predictability.

YouTuber Kmanu88 on Plant vs Undead.

In addressing the announced changes to the game, Kmanu88 alerted about a series of withdrawals of the PVU token made by the developers of Plant vs Undead. “These were the first signs that something was coming,” he said.

YouTuber KManu revealed a series of irregular withdrawals by the Plant vs Undead developers.

Detailing a series of observed events, the youtuber explained that, although the creators of games usually make large withdrawals to cover their own platform development expenses , in Pant vs Undead these withdrawals happened irregularly.

«There was a withdrawal on September 14, but then they made a succession of retreats that were on September 17, then on September 18, on the 19th and also on September 20 and 21. A lot of PVU withdrew », he detailed.

These withdrawals add up to a total of 110,149 PVU tokens and ended up influencing the fall in their price , which It lost more than 80% of its value relative to its all-time high of $ 24 on August 25. At the time of writing, the game’s native token is at $ 4.53, recovering slightly after falling to $ 2.70, according to Coingecko data.

«The withdrawals made by the developers are a massive sale of tokens that it influences its price and they generate a drop, and this drop generates full fear, so more people sell and the value of the token continues to drop ”, added Kmanu88.

The reason for the withdrawals was explained by the developers in their announcement of changes. In it they indicate that, to reduce the volatility of the new token, they will assign «30% of the current PVU liquidity pool in PancakeSwap to the pool of PvP on the FAC chain. ”

Also, 1,500 Binance Coin (BNB) have been added so far, equivalent to $ 565,500, based on the price of the cryptocurrency at the moment. However, 2,500 BNB remains to be added, as the developers’ goal is to allocate a total of 4,000 BNB to the current PVU pool on PancakeSwap .

“It means that they are going to sell twice what they already sold and that will continue to negatively affect the price of the PVU, but we cannot predict or project anything because we do not know if there will be more changes,” adds Kmanu88.

“The land is no longer fertile,” say the farmers

«How many plants do you need to play PvP? Why did you sell massive amounts of PvU before releasing this update? Or indicate a date for the launch of the farm 3.0 “, asks the user Chris in Substack.

Other users also express their complaints as VR chaos, who points out:” they are playing with the reduction of our winnings for your profit. ”

Meanwhile, a user who identifies himself as a Disappointed Player writes:“ obviously this is a scam. They got as many players as they could with the world tree and cash out. They think that we are not smart and that we will reinvest in their new derivative game, good luck with that! ”

However, there are also players who classify the announcement as a smart move and a necessary procedure to improve the project, as pointed out by a person identified as Pvu hater. The team behind the project also considers it that way and gives their reasons when they point out that these changes will benefit both players and developers .

They add that players can earn income from both games independently, that is, both from farm mode and battle mode.

While developers will be able to improve the main gameplay of two games per separated without fear that one game affects the balance of the other and they point out that they have already been organized so that each version of the project has enough human resources.

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