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Pixel 6 (Pro): Almost all the details about Google's new top smartphones leaked

Google Pixel 6 leaked. (Image: Carphonewarehouse)
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Google wants finally move up into the high-end smartphone league with its Pixel 6 series and deliver uncompromising devices. The tech giant has announced the first details about the equipment, we are filling the spec and price gaps. Saturn gossiped about the small model.

When Google presented its first Pixel models in 2016, Android boss Hiroshi Lockheimer declared that he wanted to position himself in the premium segment with smartphones. So far, the plan has not really worked out, as the equipment in some cases could not keep up with the competition from Samsung, Xiaomi or once Huawei. That should change with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, which will be presented on October 19th.

Table of contents

    • Pixel 6: Google has swapped the “XL” for “Pro”
    • Pixel 6 with dual, Pixel 6 Pro with triple cam

    • Leaked specifications of the Pixel 6 models at a glance
    • Pixel 6 and 6 Pro: Google with a pinch of Samsung?
    • Google: 80 percent more Performance than the Pixel 5
    • Pixel 6 and 6 Pro probably with UWB and Wi-Fi 6E
    • Pixel 6 (Pro) with 33 watts of charging power

    • Pixel 6: Android 12 and 5 year updates
    • When will the Pixel 6 appear and how expensive will it be?

In order to get in the mood for the new top models, the group has published the first details and announced that they will be equipped with their own processor for the first time will. With this chip, the pixel smartphones are to a certain extent become even more “google” and smarter. In the meantime, pretty much all the details are known.

Pixel 6: Google has the “XL” against “Pro” exchanged

Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro appear in the Autumn. (Image: Google)

Google has a first preview of its pixel- 6 models given. Design and colors were shown and the first details about the new tensor chip were revealed. Since then, many leakers as well as retail chains such as Saturn and Carphone-Warehouse have revealed almost all the details.

It was already clear in August that it would be a Pixel 6 and there will be a slightly larger Pixel 6 Pro – Google has deleted the XL addition of the predecessor. Google’s hardware boss Rick Osterloh confirmed to The Verge that the Pixel 6 will have a 6.4-inch FHD Plus screen with a 90 Hertz refresh rate on board, while the 6 Pro will have a 6.7-inch QHD Plus display with 120 Hertz available. The screen of the Pixel 6 is completely flat, that of the Pro model has a slight curvature to the sides. With their rumored dimensions of 158.6 by 74.8 by 8.9 millimeters for the Pixel 6 and 163.9 by 75.8 by 8.9 millimeters for the Pro, both models are no longer small and handy like the Pixel 5 , which was only 144.7 by 70.4 by 8.0 millimeters.

From the In terms of design, the coming Google Phones look bolder, especially on the back, than the previous, rather discreetly fancy pixel versions. Google uses two-tone optics, which are interrupted by a thick vertical camera hump that seems to be based on the Nexus 6P (test). According to Google, the camera needed more space, as new sensors are being used for the first time since the Pixel 3 (test). Google’s camera team had optimally adapted the computational photography algorithms to the old sensor, which was slowly getting on in years and was not ot could not keep up with the cameras of the competitors.

Pixel 6 with dual, Pixel 6 Pro with triple cam

About the new cameras, Google has already revealed to The Verge that the larger Pro model has a new wide-angle main sensor, an ultra-wide-angle un d a folded telephoto lens with 4x optical zoom is used. In the smaller Pixel 6, Google did not use the telephoto zoom, but the other sensors are identical. The manufacturer also stated that the main sensor absorbs 150 percent more light than the previous sensor in the Pixel 5.

The Google Pixel 6 with a thick camera hump from the side. (Image: Google)

Google did not give specific details about the sensors, leaks and references in the fourth Android 12 beta and most recently Carphone Warehouse (web cache) confirmed that the main sensor will come up with 50 megapixels. It appears to be Samsung’s GN1, which was unveiled last May; at least assets in Android 12 indicate this.

The GN1 sensor is 1 / 1.31-inch and has 1.2 µm Isocell Plus Pixel, dual-pixel autofocus with phase detection and support for 8K video recording. In addition, the sensor probably delivers an improved HDR through Samsung’s so-called “Tetra HDR technology”. Theoretically, photos and videos can also be recorded with ten-bit color depth, and it also supports 1080p slow-motion videos with up to 400 frames per second. It is unclear whether Google will use all the features.

Carphone-Warehouse further confirms that the super wide-angle camera uses a sensor with twelve megapixels and the pixel 6 Pro has an additional telephoto zoom with 48 megapixel sensor on board. The Carphone Warehouse page also reveals further details: The Pixel 6 (Pro) will have a front camera with a viewing angle of 94 degrees installed. The angle is only available if images are recorded in RAW format, it says in the footnote.

In addition, the new pixel models are to receive additional photo functions: The so-called “Magic Eraser” function can be used to detect people and objects remove from photos. The objects should be able to be touched and selected; an algorithm then calculates it from the image. In addition, the cameras of the new Pixel models should reproduce skin tones better than before. The company had already revealed that Google was working on it at Google I / O 2021 in May.

Other functions apparently related to machine learning are “Face Deblur” and “Motion Mode”. With “Face Deblur”, blurred faces can be sharpened to a certain extent. The “Motion Mode” can add motion blur to static backgrounds. The manufacturer demonstrates the function using a photo with a ferris wheel.

Leaked specifications of the Pixel 6 models at a glance

Model Google Pixel 6 Pro Google Pixel 6 Google Pixel 5
Operating system Android 12 Android 12 Android 11 (update to Android 12 safe)
Display 6.71 P-OLED with 3,200
x 1,440 pixels
6.4 inch AMOLED 6.0 inches, OLED, 2,340 x 1,080 pixels, 432 ppi, Always on, HDR, Corning Gorilla Glass 6.90 Hz
Processor Google Tensor “Whitechapel” Google Tensor “Whitechapel” Snapdragon 765G
Internal memory 128/256/512 GB (not expandable) 128/256 GB (not expandable) 128 GB (not expandable)
Main camera Triple camera: 50 MP (wide) + 48MP (tele ) + 12MP (ultra wide) Dual camera:
50 MP (wide) + 12MP (ultra wide
Dual camera, 12.2 MP dual pixels, ƒ / 1.7, 1.4 μm, two-phase Autofocus, optical and electronic image stabilization, 77 ° aperture width; 16 MP ultra wide angle, ƒ / 2.2, 1.0 μm, 107 °
Front camera 12 MP 8 MP 8 megapixels, ƒ / 2, 0, 1.12 μm, fixed focus, 83 °
Battery capacity 5,000 mAh (permanently installed) 4,620 mAh (permanently installed) 4,080 mAh (permanently installed)
Connectivity WiFi 6E, Dual-Sim, 5G WiFi 6E, Dual-Sim, 5G WLAN 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth v5.0 + LE, A2DP (HD codecs: AptX, AptX HD, LDAC), GPS, LTE Cat. 11, 5G, NFC
Dimensions 163.9 x 75.8 x 8.9 mm 158.6 x 74.8 x 8.9 mm 144.7 x 70.4 x 8.0 mm
Weight tba tba 151 grams
Colours Sorta Sunny, Cloudy White, Stormy Black Kinda Coral, Sorta Seafoam, Stormy Black Just Black, Sorta Sage (Green)
Miscellaneous Titan M2, UWB, loading with 33 Watt, wireless charging Titan M2, UWB, Charging with 33 watts, wireless charging Fingerprint sensor , USB Type C (USB 3.1), stereo front speakers, Titan M security module, 18 W fast charger with USB-PD 2.0, IPX8, 18 W fast charging, wireless charging, reverse charging
Price from 850 euros (according to leak) from 650 euros 613.15 euros (RRP)

Pixel 6 and 6 Pro: Google with a pinch of Samsung?

Google probably relies on Samsung not only for the camera, but also for its first own processor (System-on-a-Chip, SoC), the Google Tensor. So far, Google had only announced some components of the chip for which the company is responsible and which are the most important.

There is G in the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro oogles first own smartphone SoC Google Tensor. (Image: Google)

The previously known two elements of the SoC from our own development laboratories are a mobile TPU for AI operations and a new Titan M2 chip for security. The group has also made optimizations for the execution of Google’s computer-aided photography models, which have already been used in the previous pixel models. In addition, the chip accelerates speech recognition, among other things.

Google has not revealed anything about other components such as CPU, GPU and 5G modem. It is rumored, however, that these could come from Samsung’s Exynos 9855, as the blog Galaxy Club claims to have found out.

Samsung’s still unannounced five-nanometer SoC, like Google’s Tensor, is said to have the code name “Whitechapel” and in terms of it Performance a bit far above the Exynos 2100, which is built into the Galaxy S21 models. It is not the first time that a cooperation between the two companies for the development of the chip has been reported. As early as April, it was said that Samsung was significantly involved in this. Unsurprisingly, the 5G modem will also come from Samsung, reports XDA Developers.

In mid-September, further alleged specifications of the tensor chip were leaked through benchmarks . According to the unconfirmed and incomplete data, the eight-core Tensor CPU could have two high-performance Cortex-X1 cores, which in this number do not even have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 or Samsung Exynos 2100 on board – both have only one Cortex-X1 core each . The two X1 cores should also be supported by two Cortex-A76 with 2.25 GHz and four Cortex-A55 with 1.8 GHz.

Google: 80 percent more performance than the Pixel 5

In addition to the double X1 core, which could mean full performance, the choice of the A76 cores is interesting, because they already have a successor with the A78. However, this should not necessarily mean major differences in performance. With the GPU, the Mail G78 once again serves solid, upper-class standard food. The GPU is also used in Samsung’s Exynos 2100, which is built into the Galaxy S21 series.

Leaked information about the tensor chip of the Pixel 6. (Image: Carphone Warehouse)

According to the information from Carphone Warehouse, the new chip delivers up to 80 percent more power than the Pixel 5. Among other things, it should load apps faster and games should be more responsive. In addition, the new processor is more energy efficient, which means that the battery lasts longer.

Pixel 6 and 6 Pro probably with UWB and Wi-Fi 6E

It is made through the customizations pages s Google expects the tensor chip to outperform Samsung’s standard SoC in terms of AI computing and machine learning. These properties played an elementary role in Google’s previous models so that processes no longer take place in the cloud, but directly on the smartphone.

Further indicates adhere to the fact that Google is installing an ultra-broadband chip (UWB) in its high-end models, which could make car or front door keys superfluous. With the announcement of the first Android 12 beta in May, the manufacturer had already announced this function. It would be a bit strange if Google didn’t also offer this function, especially since competitor Samsung has some models with corresponding functionality in its portfolio. It also says that a UWB interface will become a native part of Android. In addition, according to a leak, the devices are said to have the fast WLAN standard with six gigahertz frequency Wi-Fi 6E on board. The main advantage of the new standard should be lower latency.

The memory for the two models is rumored to be eight or twelve gigabytes of RAM, depending on the version. The Pixel 6 will also receive 128 or 256 gigabytes of flash memory, the Pixel 6 Pro up to 512 gigabytes. A memory expansion via micro SD card is guaranteed not to exist.

Google’s Pixel 6 is shipped from the factory with Android 12. (Animation: Google)

Pixel 6 (Pro) with 33 watt charging power

It is confirmed by a tweet apparently inadvertently posted by Android boss Hiroshi Lockheimer that the Pixel 6 (Pro) has an I. n-display fingerprint sensor will have. Lockheimer published a screenshot that was probably taken from the Pixel 6 Pro and quickly deleted it after he noticed the error. However, some attentive followers were able to secure the tweet. On the one hand, the screenshot shows the position of the fingerprint reader in the display, which, interestingly, is at the same height as the Galaxy S21 Ultra (test). In addition, the original resolution of the tweet indicates that the display of the Pixel 6 Pro may have a resolution of 3,200 times 1,440 pixels.

Google has not yet revealed anything about the battery sizes, but the latest information is based on 4,620 mAh for the small and 5,000 mAh for the Pro model. The devices should therefore deliver good runtimes after Google has already proven with the Pixel 5 (test) that they can build devices with good runtimes. Like Samsung and Apple, Google will do without a power adapter. Like their predecessors, they will most likely support wireless charging – there is talk of an output of up to 23 watts. Rumor has it that they will offer faster wired charging than their predecessors; Instead of the previous maximum of 18 watts, they should be charged with up to 33 watts.

Pixel 6: Android 12 and 5 years updates

Google’s Pixel 6 with the Material-You interface and smart features from Android 12. (Image: Carphone Warehouse)

Of course, the software is important for a Google smartphone: Android 12 with its major redesign is of course used here. We can also firmly assume that the Pixel 6 models will be shipped from the factory with the new OS. They may not get Android 12, but Android 12.1 with special pixel features, it is said. Among other things, it revolves around the mentioned photo functions such as “Face Deblur” and “Motion Mode”.

Thanks to of the processor, some of which was developed in-house, Google could better coordinate hardware and software, similar to Apple, and thus improve performance and runtime. It would also be conceivable to extend the period for Android updates noticeably, since Google would no longer be as dependent on chip developers as Qualcomm for development. So far, Google has delivered three major Android updates; however, it is speculated that Google could raise the update period almost to Apple level and support its upcoming smartphones for five years.

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Exactly this detail has been confirmed by Carphone Warehouse. The new Pixel models will therefore receive security updates for at least five years from the market launch. It is unclear how long the devices will get large Android versions. But it would be obvious that the Pixel models will get them for four years. Google named this period at least when it announced Qualcomm towards the end of 2020.

When will the Pixel 6 appear and how expensive will it be?

At the beginning of October, Google announced the presentation date give: The two devices will be unveiled in the course of a virtual event. The manufacturer has not yet announced the market launch, but rumor has it that they will be available on October 28th.

The colors of the Google Pixel 6. (Image: Google)

1 of 2

Google only reveals specific prices in the course of its launch event. However, Google’s hardware boss Rick Osterloh has already indicated a certain price range. The Pixel 6 series will be described as a “premium product” and thus possibly rise to the price range of a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (test). That easily costs over 1,000 euros. According to the latest information, Google will probably stay below it.

Several sources give a more concrete look at European prices. According to the first source, the Pixel 6 will go over the counter from 649 euros, while the cheapest variant of the Pixel 6 Pro will be sold for 899 euros. The devices are certainly not cheap, but still in the lower price range of the high-end league.

The price of the Pixel 6 is also due to an early published Voucher book of the electronics chain Saturn has been confirmed: According to the information, it will actually go on sale from 649 euros. Those who pre-order apparently receive a pair of Bose Headphones 700 headphones that cost 279 euros. The market launch of the Pixel 6 models is also indirectly confirmed by Saturn, because the pre-order campaign ends on October 27th.

Saturn reveals the price of the Pixel 6 prematurely. (Image: Mydealz)

That the new Pixel devices are an important matter for Google is shown by the relatively large advertising campaign that the manufacturer runs mainly in the USA. Large advertising posters arouse curiosity about the smartphones in advance, and customers can already take a look at the devices in the New York Google Store. But do not touch, as they are displayed behind plexiglass.

Article last updated on October 11th 2021. Many new details.

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