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Physicians’ Association Email Health Minister, NEET PG Aspirants demand Postponement

New Delhi: Students across the country continue to express dissatisfaction with NEET PG 2022 Exam Scheduled Dates on May 21, United Physicians Front Association of India has sent a letter to Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandavia requesting NEET PG 2022 postponed. The letter asks to be NEET-PG 2022 postponed From 8 to 10 weeks and that the eligibility criteria for training for Reconsider unqualified trainees.

For several weeks, NEET students are requesting a deferment. Previously, it was NEET-PG postponed and reschedule on May 21 because of various orders, but due to further delay in The schedule of second mop-up round And the constant wandering round Counseling, that caused More turmoil.

the message adds who – which in Many states of advice and the misguided round will conclude in Mid-May, leave the hopefuls with 10-20 days to prepare for the exam. Delay in University exams due to Covid and internships for it made Students are not eligible in states like Bihar and Kerala. Students from these countries will finish their training in August or September, which makes them ineligible. According to Dr. Lakshya Mittal, Vice President of United Physicians’ United Front Association, “NEET PG-2021 Assignments Still Ongoing on It says I recently got my seat and didn’t get ready for Exams because I wasn’t sure if I would get an allotment. There are only about 20 days leftand that is for 19 topics. How are we supposed to study for exams?

Is also added“We are middle-ranking who We suffer like we never were sure if we were should start Our preparations or not. If my share is not taken place This is amazing yearI would choose for 2023.”

tweeted d. Sunil Soran, “Government should Listen to legitimate demands of NEET PG Aspirants. Hardly less time left for Doctors prepare NEET-PG 2022 when they are already sharing in Previous year Counseling that was delayed due to a court order.

Another Twitter user, Dr. Jagrotti, “If the exam happens now it will be the exam like lottery resultBecause students have no time to prepare, it makes real Deserving candidates lose seats, and this does not result in them great outcome in future. The academic balance they mentioned cannot be achieved if there is not enough gap.”

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published on: Tuesday, May 03, 2022, 05:13 PM IST


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