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Persecution of Tory leaders: Rishi Sunak warns that Liz Truss’s tax cut is “not much” in itself. good’

BUTasked why he “still behind”, Rishi Sunak says: “The only poll that matters is one in the end. I out and about every day and I fight for what I passionately believe in is right for this country and me just will continue to do so until last day of this is campaign.”

On the cost-of-living crisis and today’s forecasts for electricity bills rising to more than £4,000, Mr. Sunak is asked if he is ready spend same amount – £15.3 billion – again.

“I don’t think it will be necessary, because now we are talking about an additional increase on Top of what we thought and we already thought the bills would go up up to £3,000 when we announced what support. This is very, very serious, and I think that everyone should have absolutely no illusions about how it will be difficult for millions of families this winter.

“And our responsibility as a compassionate conservative government do it sure what we support those who most need our help. This is what I did as Chancellor… and I want go further than I did before because the situation is even worse.”

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