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People will not react to Imran’s words. call for creating chaos: Marryum – Pakistan


People will not react to Imran’s words. call for creating chaos: Marryum

September 11, 2022


ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marryum Aurangzeb on Sunday said people would not respond to call of Pakistani High Representative Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan for creating chaos, anarchy and violence in country.

“Imran Khan call for protest is another scam people pay no attention to those who ridicule the election commission and hurl threats on judiciary,” Marryum said. in a news statement.
Those who participate in smear campaigns against Army martyrs and conspiracy cause economic turmoil in Sri Lanka did not receive a response from people added.

She said that people responded unanimously to call of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif who contacted them for help in flood-affected people.

minister criticized Imran Khan for give up your people in middle of the protest he announced myself. he was bent on creating chaos and anarchy instead of joining the whole nation in flood relief and rehabilitation efforts.

She said that Imran Khan, who was stuck in his ego wanted destroy every institution, people and also national interests. Imran Khan again wants to reinstall damaged model of control in country, imposing people like According to her, Usman Buzdar and Bushra.

Marrium said that Imran Khan, who It was announced the so-called “Hakiki Azadi” (real freedom) of movement, hired services of a former The head of the CIA will fix his image in United States.
She said that Imran Khan was not ready spend even a penny on flood affects but spent millions of rupee on personal PR. people who spent billions of rupees on creating chaos and anarchy can only do hypocrisy, it added.

Information Minister said Imran Khan was exposed people who knew he used them money promote yourself. People knew that Imran Khan was a “foreign agent”.

minister warned Imran Khan that the law would run its course if it fell into his hands. When the law takes its course, Imran Khan start whining and squealing, she added. She stressed that the time changed and the habit of Imran Khan of get his favorite decisions through use of there will never be threats work more,” she said.

She said that government would complete its constitutional term and general elections will be held in time, adding that Imran Khan’s whining and squealing was of no consequence.

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