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PEMRA urges TV channels not to air content against state institutions

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA). — Ministry of Information website
  • PEMRA says disinformation, disinformation throws slander against institutions.
  • PBA says condemns any misinformation against institutions.
  • Association says it works with government, other media organizations to develop rules against disinformation.

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on Tuesday warned television stations and issued directives not to spread propaganda, disinformation and misinformation. against state institutions.

According to regulatory bodydisinformation and misinformation spread by newshosts, guests or analysts slander against institutions.

A statement released by PEMRA states that “the air of such content is in violation of directives issued by the body, regulations of PEMRA Electronic Media code (software and advertising) of Conducting 2015 and the principles laid down down the highest courts.”

“… to all licensees of satellite television hereby follow principles laid down down in constitution, as well as judicial decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan passed in Suo moto case number 28 of 2018 and sentence of The Supreme Court of Islamabad in Criminal original No. 270/2019 dated 11/25/2019 and ensure strict adherence to relevant provisions of PEMRA laws,” the statement said.

Section 20(e) of PEMRA Ordinance 2002, as amended by the PEMRA (Amendment) Act 2007:

A person who issued a license in accordance with this Decree, must comply with with codes of programs and advertisements approved by the authorities and appoint in-house monitoring committee, upon notification of the authorities, ensure agreement with the code.

Rule 15(1) PEMRA Rules:

Content of programs and advertisements broadcast or distributed broadcast media or the distribution service operator must comply with the provisions of Section 20 of Decree, these rules are a code set out in Graph-A and terms and conditions of license.

Regulations of Electronic media (programs and advertising) Code of Conduct 2015:

3(1)(i) Fundamental Principles: The licensee must ensure is not content is known to be broadcast false or that there are reasonable grounds for believing that the same may be false beyond reasonable doubt.

four. News and current affairs programs:- The licensee must ensure that programs on subjudicial matters can be aired in in an informative manner and should be considered objectively:

  • Provided there is no content is made public which may prejudice the decision of a court, tribunal or any other judicial or quasi-judicial body.

The authorities also ordered all satellite TV channels to ensure that an effective time delay mechanism is installed in place and impartial and independent editorial board be composed as required Article 17 of Code of electronic media (programs and advertising) of Conduct 2015 in order ensure that their platform is not being used anyone (employee or guest) for spreading misinformation, disinformation and propaganda against state institutions.

“When of any observable violation of prosecution under articles 27, 29, 30 and 33 of The PEMRA Regulation of 2002, as amended by the PEMRA (Amendment) Act of 2007, should be initiated,” he warned.

PBA denounces misinformation against institutions

Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) said it has always supported freedom of self-expression and freedom of in media, however, he denounces any misinformation against institutions.

PBA, in in its statement it says that the association works with in government and others media organizations to develop rules against disinformation, especially dissemination of disinformation on social media which is detrimental to journalism.

“Encouragement responsible use of social media and countering disinformation is the most important need of hour,” the statement said.

The association said that disinformation harms not only the country and institutions, but also also fueling uncertainty, intolerance and instability.

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