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Peckham: man arrested for immigration offenses released after protesters blocked van | UK news

Man arrested for of immigration offenses was released after protesters arrived at the scene and attempted to “lock down” law enforcement officers.

BUT group of people collected in south east london for hours stop vehicle that the arrested person was in from care.

Crowd footage from the scene of people sits on Earth in front of van in Peckham, while another clip showed the members of in public yell “let him go” at the officers in attendance.

Officers from Metropolitan Police were called to Evan Cooke Close shortly after 13:30. on Saturday after there were reports of “Protesters interfere with the work of immigration officers.”

It is assumed that the man whom the immigration officers tried to detain was Nigerian and suspected of overstayed the visa.

One activist with south london arm of Resist racism who called her name only as Nicola, said the police, “gave up”trying arrest people on the stage.

She said, “The police tried arrest number of activists at the front, but they were kept by others who we also sits down and the police gave up.

And finally, after many of protest, police announced that he (the arrested) is going to be released and it took I don’t know half hour for them to actually open the doors so we all stayed and called for to make it happen quickly.”

Authorities later announced that the detainee had been released. on immigration bail.

representative for The Met said, “Officers were present and found the van was not allowed to leave location.

“One person was arrested by immigration officials. for immigration offenses.”

‘We all sat down’

Eleonora Janega said people were alerted to an immigration raid, “so the locals came down block him.”

She is added: “We were sitting here, blocking the van, and eating candy. They brought more police in and tried to break through the crowd by pushing us. We all sat down.”

Labor, work adviser Reginald Popula said people who was present at the scene, surrounded the “van in a peaceful way”, but claimed that some people pushed during a demonstration.

Referring to fact the man was released on bail, Mr. Popula said: “He is released, peaceful protest powerful.”

“Hindering them will not keep them from doing their duty”

press secretary for in Home Office said: “Prevention of immigration enforcement teams doing their job is unacceptable.

“Blocking or obstructing will not prevent them from performing duties that public it is fair to expect them to bear out.”

It happens in the middle over plans through government send more than 30 people on Tuesday in Rwanda.

Home Office says they arrived in are in the UK illegally and are sent there to have their asylum claims processed.

On Friday, the High Court ruled that a flight carrying asylum seekers to the East African country could be sent.

Ministry of the Interior set to schedule more flights are year.

Rwanda defended the scheme, asking for it must be given chance”after Prince Charles is said to have privately called it “terrible”..

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