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PDMA Punjab completes survey for evaluation flood damage

LAHORE: Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Punjab Director General Faisal Farid on Tuesday reported that a comprehensive survey had been completed to assess the damage. caused on flood in 2022.

He said the Pakistani army, PDMA, city department, tax office and others have completed the survey process by visiting each city.

He said that total of 55,452 houses were destroyed on flood in Punjab. These included 47,585 kutchis and 7,867 solid houses, adding that those affected would be given back financial help of 0.2 million rupees for partial damage of solid houses and 50,000 rupees for partially damaged house.

He said that total of 652 animals were killed in in flood. About 75,000 rupees for in death of large animal and 5000 rupees for a small the animal will be given as compensation.
The CEO said that due to the recent flood, the crops are standing on 430,000 acres were damaged and government will provide financial help for up up to five acres of land.

Faisal Farid said that 81 people died in recent floods adding that Punjab government gave financial assistance to families of those victims. BUT total of 81 million rubles were distributed to families. of 81 dead.

Faisal Farid said that 55 people were injured and two disabled during the flood in Punjab. government transferred 100,000 rubles. disabled people and 40,000 rubles to the victims. financial help.

The CEO said Punjab government increased amount of to help for rehabilitation of several times victims adding Punjab government would spend Huge amount of 12 billion rupees on rehabilitation of in flood victims.

The CEO said that on the foundation of comprehensive examination, transparent and
direct provision of funds to affected families will be made by the Bank of Punjab.
Then, in committee room of PDMA held a ceremony attended by the Bank of Punjab and PDMA representatives regarding permission of funds for flood affects. It was attended by Punjab Relief Commissioner Zahid Akhtar Zaman, PDMA Director of Operations Dr. Faisal Salim and other officers.

The agreement was signed by the CEO, PDMA, Faisal Farid, and the group leader, the Bank. of Punjab Nofal Daoud.

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