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PDM File Reference with CJP seeks Article 63 disqualification of Imran – Pakistan

BUT group of related to MNA with Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) – multinational party alliance with performance of ruling PML-N – on Thursday applied for with election Committee of Pakistan (ECP) seeks disqualification of former prime minister Imran Khan from holding public office for allegedly receives prohibited funding from a number of of foreign donors.

The reference was presented by MNA Barrister Mohsin Nawaz Ranja to Chief Electoral Commissioner Sikander Sultan Raja with signatures. of MPs Agha Hassan Baloch, Salahudin Ayubi, Ali Gohar Khan, Syed Rafiullah Agha and Saad Wasim Sheikh.

In his judgment on On Tuesday, the election observation service ruled that PTI “intentionally” and “knowingly” received prohibited funding from a number of of foreign donors. The commission has at its disposal also said he was “forced to believe that Imran Khan failed fulfill their obligations under Pakistani law.”

Decree coalition began to demand disqualification of and strict legal action against head of PTI soon after ECP announced his verdict in a business.

On Tuesday, PDM head Maulana Fazlur Rehman put pressure on government “lead by example” out of Imran Khan.

“Link should be hemmed against Imran Khan as he is more Sadiq and Amin (truthful and honest),” the PDM leader said at a press conference after the meeting of multi-party Alliance at the Prime Minister’s House on Wednesday to decide the line of action against Imran.

Certificate filed today, copy of which the available with Dawn.comdemanded that the CJP disqualify Imran on sections 2 and 3. of Article 63 of read the constitution with Article 62(1)(f). it also had documentary evidence to support their claims against ex-premier.

Article 62(1)(f) says: “A person should not be qualified to be elected or selected as a member of Majlis-i-Shura (Parliament), unless […] he is shrewd, righteous and non-wasteful, honest and amin, the court did not say otherwise of law.”

Article 63(2) says: “If any question arises whether a member of The Majlis-i-Shura (Parliament) has forfeited the right to be a member, the Speaker or, as the case may be, the Chairman shall, unless he decides that such a matter has not arisen, refer the matter to the Electoral Commission within thirty days. as well as should he fail do it within the specified period, it is considered that it was submitted to the Electoral Commission.

Whereas Article 63(3) states: “The Electoral Commission shall decide on a matter within ninety days of its receipt, or shall be deemed to have been received, and if it of opinion that a member has been disqualified, he ceases to be a member and his seat becomes vacant.”

It is appropriate to mention here that PTI on Wednesday submitted an appeal to the Supreme Judicial Council against CEC Raja on Wednesday.

Prohibited funding case

The Prohibited Funding Case, formerly known as the Foreign Funding Case, was filed by PTI founding member Akbar S. Babar and has been pending since November 14, 2014.

Babar, who no longer connected with PTI presumably serious financial violations in in party funding from Pakistan and abroad.

However, PTI denies any wrongdoing and maintains that the funding does not come from prohibited sources.

In March 2018, a review committee was formed to review PTI funding.

The committee presented its report on January 4, after 95 hearings and almost four years.

Report based on eight volumes of record requisitioned through the State Bank of Pakistan, proved that the leadership of PTI committed gross violations of funding laws, allowing collection of millions of dollars and billions of rupees without any source and information from foreigners, including Indian citizens and foreign companies.

The report confirms that PTI received funding from foreign individuals and companies, underreported funds and hid dozens of of this is bank Accounts.

it also mentioned the rejection party divulge details of big deals and panel helplessness in getting details of Overseas PTI Accounts and Funds Raised Abroad.

He also questioned the certificate signed by PTI Chairman Imran Khan presented along with with details of Verified PTI reports.

According to the report, party understated amount of 312 million rupees over four-year the period between FY2009-10 and FY2012-2013. Details by year show what amount of over 145 million rupees was understated in Fiscal year 2012-13 only.

Report also referred to controversy over allowing four PTI employees to receive donations in their personal accounts, but said it out of scale of this is work check their accounts.

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