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PDM calls government send a message from the President to the Supreme Court for Article 63-A Interpretation

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) is a multi-party alliance with performance of ruling PML-N – on Thursday Recommended government send the president’s appeal to the Supreme Court for its interpretation of Article 63-A of Constitution full-court bench for “a way out of existing constitutional and political crisis”.

Ad key decisions made by the PDM after today’s meeting, the head of the alliance, Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman, said that the meeting decided that the recent interpretation of Article 63-A composed of three members bench of Supreme Court in its decision on Punjab chief minister election raised doubts and triggered constitutional crisis.

“Political parties expressed reservations on observation of three judges of supreme court [on Punjab chief minister election] which the complicated business,” he said.

He said that now it is necessary to send the link to the highest court. in view of widespread differences of opinions of various circles, as well as lawyers, media and civil society.

Fazl also said they unanimously agreed that government would complete this is term and elections will be held on time”.

“According to the resolution also our demand that KEK should immediately announce its verdict in a foreign funding case that is dragging on for eight years,” he told reporters.

The head of the PDM said that the KEK must fulfill its legal, constitutional duty without delay, adding that the election observer currently “under cover of mysterious silence.

He argued that there was enough evidence available against PTI, saying the law should run its course and a verdict should be delivered as soon as possible.

He also said “the mess created by Imran in three and half years can not be cleaned in just en year”.

We’ll clean up his mess in in next five years, said the head of the PDM.

“Imran must also remain within it. His propaganda is based on social media trick. We will take decisions with unanimity and move forwardFazl said. in answer to the question.

He also said that PDM meetings will continue for days to discuss problems faced around the country.

Speaking on On this occasion, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz said that plea for a full-court bench was rejected by the Supreme Court in order to “facilitate Laadle” (blue-eyed) and pass an unfair sentence in order to damage government.

“Three members bench of SC has already become controversial,” she said. “Our 25 MPAs were handed over to Imran and 10 MPAs of Chaudhry Shujaat were also given to Imran. It was mistake and misinterpretation,” said Maryam.

She blamed SK bench of violation of the Constitution, adding that “if you think we will accept this decision, we won’t”.

Maryam said coalition I won’t allow Imran constantly ‘act like a bully and insult of his opponents”. “We won’t let that happen.”

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