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PbBC leader murder: Police focus on Fake Lawyer Fraud – Pakistan

LAHORE: Police Investigate murder of Punjab Bar Council (PbBC) secretary who was sprayed with bullets on his way back home late on Saturday night is found great opportunities that “target killing’ associated with his struggle expose “fake lawyers” by bringing legal action against them.

Like a murder of fifty-year-old lawyer Mohammad Ashraf Rahi, in Lahore a few months after killing of Secretary of the Sindh Provincial Bar Council Irfan Ali Mehr in Karachi sent a wave of resentment among the juridical brotherhood, Punjab chief minister on Sunday ordered early arrest of attackers and requested a report from the Chief of Police of Lahore. Initial studies showed that over 100 fake diplomas of the lawyers were exposed and Mr. Rahi continued his legal course of action against This was announced by a police officer of the Metropolitan City of Lahore (CCPO). Dawn on Sunday.

“We are shifting all of our attention to fake diploma scams as Ashraf Rahi has received serious life threats. for leading criminal proceedings against scammers [in legal fraternity],” he said.

DIG Investigations Kamran Adil has been appointed in charge of of case supervision murder case, he said, adding that the police team spent hours in Punjab Safe City Authority office carefully study the footage of cameras installed in and around crime scene for identification of two attackers who sped away on motorcycle and trace their movement.

He said police investigators hope to track down the suspects.

declare it loud murder case, other officials said there were strong chances that gun attack carried out due to senior lawyer active participation in leading litigation and action against “fake” members of in community.

Wishing to remain anonymous, the police official said Dawn the police held meetings with close relatives of deceased and some senior representatives and office-bearers of associations of lawyers.

information received during the course of the investigation showed that Mr. Rahi enjoyed good fame not only among relatives, but also also in law fraternity, official said. “Although we also found out home issue of dead, it’s not of serious nature This should be investigated by the police,” he said.

Having discussed all the factors at the meeting, senior The policemen were unanimous on the fact is that the CPB secretary murder be investigated in view perspective of fake law cases.

In 2020, PBC sent 230 LL.B. degrees to Punjab University, he said. for examination. Of these, the NBK canceled licenses of some lawyers in in light of Report of department of PU of examinations when he declared the degrees to be “fake”.

Sharing Information of in gun attack said senior the lawyer was shot dead down in Badami Bagh in Lahore area. Two armed motorcyclists ambushed his car when he was going back home from his office located on Fan Road, and sprayed him with volley of bullets. Mr Rahi has died on place.

Previously in December 2021, Secretary of the Sindh Provincial Bar Council Irfan Ali Mehr was also killed in a gun attack next to him house in Gulistan-i-Jauhar area of Karachi.

Taking note of in murderPunjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz requested a report from the CCPO and ordered him ensure early arrest of attackers. Expressing my sincere condolences and sorrow with in family members of murdered lawyer, boss minister assured them of security of justice soon.

Published in Dawn, July 25, 2022

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