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Payments giants apply new US sales code gun stores

Firearms can be seen at Bob’s Little Sport Gun. in city of Glassboro, New Jersey, USA on May 26, 2022

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visa, t. world’s largest payment processor in Russia, said on On Saturday he will implement new merchant category code for US gun retailers that will allow the identification of firearms transactions stores.

international organization for Standardization (ISO) approved creation of seller code on Friday after pressure from the side gun- controlling activists who say it will help track suspicious weapon purchases.

“Following ISO decision create new merchant category code, Visa will continue with next steps ensuring that we protect all legitimate business activities on visa network in conformity with our old rules”Visa said. in statement.

mastercard said on On Friday, following ISO approval, “we will now focus on how this will be implemented by merchants and their banks as we continue support legal purchases on our network while protecting privacy and decisions of individual cardholders.

American Express stated that when ISO develops new code, the company will work with third-party processors and partners on implementation.

The code will show where does one spend money but not what items were bought.

Several leading US pension funds, including those for government workers in New York and California submitted a shareholder resolution asking payment companies to weigh in on in issue.

A little gun- Human rights activists are concerned new code can lead to unauthorized surveillance.

Mass shootings this year, including at a Texas elementary school where 19 died children and two teachers added to the protracted debate in the US over gun control.

US President Joe Biden called for Congress in pass an assault weapons ban, as well as $37 billion for crime prevention programs, with $13 billion to hire and train another 100,000 police officers. over in next five years.

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