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Patrick Lioy’s autopsy report published; shows high blood alcohol level

Patrick Lioy’s autopsy report published; shows high blood alcohol level

video of fatal Patrick Leya on set

Video from the Grand Rapids Police Department shows in deadly meeting that took place on April 4, 2022

Brian Kaufman, Detroit Free Press

Kent County autopsy report reiterated findings of independent autopsy: Patrick Leu was shot in in back of in head to a Grand Rapids cop after being pulled out over.

The conclusion of the forensic medical examination office also shows Leah’s blood alcohol level was more than three times legal limit for driving, according to two medical experts who explained the findings in Report.

” penalty for drunk driving is not a gunshot wound back of in headWen Johnson said. one of lawyers representing Ley family. “That would be an arrest and go to jail and face in music in court, but not a gunshot wound in back of in head”.

He said it doesn’t matter on in cause or way of death.

Leuyi death was ruled a murder caused by gunshot wound of in head”, the message says.

Officer Christopher Schurr shot and killed 26-year-old Leia.year- an old refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the morning during a stop of April, 4. Leia was announced dead at 8:33 am

No charges have been filed and the investigation is ongoing.

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Police said Leia had the wrong license plate on in car. During the stop, Leia ran away from the officer, and the officer chased after Leia. two fought for officer stun gun before Schurr shot Leia.

It is unclear if Schurr suspected that Leia was intoxicated. Grand Rapids Police have escalated press freedom issues to the Michigan State Police, who are investigating. A Michigan State Police spokeswoman said it would be part of of investigation and she can’t provide any details of investigation.

Police and civil rights experts previously told Free Press that Schurr missed an opportunity to peacefully resolve meeting.

Kent County Chief Medical Examiner Dr Stephen Cole performed the autopsy. last month. Earlier he said that he office requested toxicology and tissues test results be accelerated.

Autopsy report shows Ethanol in Leah’s blood is 290 mg/dl. is the concentration of alcohol in the blood of .29, experts said.

In Michigan man with blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 or higher legally considered too drunk to drive. A blood alcohol level of 0.17 or higher while driving can be considered “super intoxicated” and entail increased punishment.

Dr. Ernest Chiodo, physician, toxicologist and former medical director of in city of Detroit, described the levels in report as “highly, heavily intoxicated”. Majority people will fall down drunk, he said.

Oakland County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Ljubisa Dragovic said it would likely take at least of 15 drinks to reach the level of .29.

Daniel Larin, defense advocate who is people accused of Drunk driving, told the Free Press that everyone will be significantly weakened by the time the concentration of alcohol in the blood reaches 0.29, even regular drunkard. ability to drivewalk, conversations and thoughts will be greatly disturbed, he said.

“This is a dangerous level,” he said.

Larin said that a person under the influence of alcohol may misunderstand instructions and act. out of symbol.

Shooting, capture on video, sparked protests and repeated appeals for police reforms.

Shurr, whose name was made public last week, it on administrative leave.

Release of autopsy report for Free Press under Freedom of The information act came out two weeks after the release of results of an independent autopsy, which also found Leia was shot in in back of in head.

At that time, the lawyers representing Leah family said the report suggested more evidence that the shooting of Leya was superfluous and business of surplus force.

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