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Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous Update 1.05 Update Today on October 29, 2022 – Game Updates

A new update has been released for Fallout 76 Update 1.68. You can find all the Game Update details, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. Fallout 76 Update 1.68 is now available for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Hello, crusaders!

An update 1.05 for PlayStation is live! Beware of possible plot spoilers below!


* Various memory leak fixes and optimization;

* When changing the colors of the class costume and other items, the character could noticeably twitch in the inventory menu – fixed.

* When playing The Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC, restarting after the death of the party caused the defeat window to appear once more – fixed;

* After creating a new character, the game could sometimes crash or return to the main menu – fixed;

* Fixed crashes in Wintersun;

* Increased the number of options for spell context menu and fixed the issue with crashes when opening a shortcut menu for spells with numerous options on the action bar, such as Shadow Evocation, Greater Polymorph, Wandering Hex and others;

* Сrashes in Drezen during the Summit of the Goddesses reduced; Areas

* It was impossible to interact with pylons in Chief Khara fight in Blackwater – fixed;

* Chaplain in Alushinyrra port will read the cleric scrolls for you now, if necessary;

* Fixed the issues with the terrain in the Rasping Rifts, now it looks as it should;

* If an island boss previously didn’t appear on their island in The Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC, they will appear now;

* Some islands in the Treasures of the Midnight Isles DLC, when playing in the integration mode in the main campaign, could be totally empty – fixed;

* In Blackwater, the progress of the puzzle with hand, wind, and fire symbols will no longer reset if you quit the dialogue;

* In Dry Crossroads, characters can no longer walk through the trees;

* In some cases, an island exit wouldn’t appear in The Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC – fixed;

* In the integrated mode of The Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC, it was impossible to loot a container on one sand swamp map – fixed;

* In the Valley of Temples, corrupted mongrels kept getting up and fighting even after the demon was slain, which prevented the quest from progressing – fixed;

* Sometimes the game could crash if you triggered the big fire trap in Gray Garrison – fixed;


* Fixed the delay before the beginning of the conversation with Willodus;

* We’ve added a new check in the romance with Arueshalae. If the romance ended while she asked to let her think for a couple of days, the “Time to Think” quest will also fail.

* Island bosses in the Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC no longer drop duplicates of quest items;


* Updated some properties of Finnean. From now on, with the first improvement, he takes the form of a +3 ghost touch heartseeker weapon, and with the second—a +5 brilliant energy heartseeker weapon. The original and the soulless forms remained unchanged.


* After losing or disbanding all the armies, it was impossible to hire a new one – fixed, there’s an extra button for hiring now;

* Fixed the bug with the visual effects from the Knight Commander’s party appearing in the middle of the tactical battlefield;

* The battle log now updates again during the tactical battles.

Classes & Mechanics Mechanics:

* Fixed the issue with Azata’s Life-Bonding Friendship, which prevented it from working sometimes. Additionally, fixed the removal of teamwork feats when the allies stood farther than 50 ft from the Azata;

* Acid Evaporation effects from the Star Rattle flowers will stop now after a successful Fortitude saving throw;

* Bleeding Infusion always dealt 1 damage per round. Now, its damage depends on the amount of kinetic blast damage dice, just like the description says;

* Changed the class of Backstabbin’ Bixie island boss in The Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC from Slayer to Alchemist;

* Changing the type of spell’s elemental damage now correctly adds the DC from feats that affect the said element;

* Clerics of Asmodeus can use a mace in the name of Asmodeus now, like they are proficient with it;

* Damage Reduction doesn’t stack anymore now if there’s more than one source of it; instead, the highest number of DR is selected, like in tabletop version;

* Eldritch Font now gets the correct number of spells per day (once spell more per level than a regular arcanist);

* Fixed the bonus calculation when performing a combat maneuver. Now it counts any bonuses from unarmed attacks. If the maneuver was performed via a special attack (such as Trip (Bite attack), for example), the bonuses from this attack will be used;

* Fixed the incorrect stacking for the Perfect Form ability;

* Fixed the return of Ashen Curse status after saving and reloading. Now it will no longer return after you removed it from the character and saved;

* Impervious Tailwind provided benefits to every class – fixed, now it only empowers the classes listed in its description;

* Paladin’s Celestial Divine Mount now gets Smite evil at 11th level;

* Psychotic Undertow forced the caster to make a Will saving throw for each cha

Source: OrbisPatches

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