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Patch Notes: Fixes, Improvements, and Changes in the Latest Update


Fixed: Nancy’s Trap Alerts

Fixed: Various Footstep Audio

Fixed: Translated Character Bios

  • We have fixed an issue where the character bios for Connie, Leland, Julie, Cook, and Sissy were not translating to players selected language

Fixed: Disappearing Ladder in Trophy Room

Fixed: Nancy’s Trap Outlines

Fixed: “I’m Comin’ for Ya” Achievement

Fixed: Various Execution Animations

Fixed: Various Johnny Animations

Fixed: Blood Reflection Flickering on Low Graphic Settings

Fixed: Mud Pile Asset Not Appearing

Fixed: Inconsistent Range When Listening to Noise from Items

Fixed: Various Audio Issues

Fixed: Spectating Lockpicking Audio

Fixed: Voice Chat Drops in Lobby and Match

Fixed: Family Stun Locked After Close Encounter and Sneak Attack

Fixed: Camera Angles and Crawl Spaces

Fixed: Character Ability XP Gain

Fixed: Text Chat Not Working in Lobby Chat When Using Mouse

Fixed: Intro Crawl Text Issues

Fixed: “No valid user ID yet” Error

Fixed: Various Crashes

Fixed: Executed Victims Appear Alive in Spectator Mode

  • We have fixed an issue when a Victim disconnects and gets executed, upon rejoining, the victim appears alive in spectator mode

Fixed: Invalid Credentials Error After 1 Hour of Gameplay

Fixed: Foliage Popping In and Out on Family House

Fixed: Victims Unable to Move After Traversing Ladder on Family House

Fixed: Family House Assets Being Climbable

Fixed: Players Getting Stuck on a Door

Fixed: Safe Spot – Silencing Nugget on Family House

Fixed:  Bottle Clipping into a Health Potion on Family House

Fixed: Blood on Family Members – Family House

Fixed: Blacked Out Newspaper Texture

Fixed: Car Battery on Gas Station

Fixed: Stuck Spots on Gas Station Map

Fixed:  Lighting Issues on Gas Station

Fixed: Players Floating on Gas Station Map assets

Fixed: Surface Collision Missing on Gas Station

Fixed: Illogical Hiding Spot on Gas Station

  • We have fixed an issue where Victims would be hidden in a spot in the Exterior area next to the Workshop, despite it being exposed and well lit on the day variant

  • Night variant is logical and unchanged due to the shadows present in that spot

Fixed: Shadows Fading on Foliage and Trees

Fixed: Light Bleeding from Leatherface’s Chainsaw

Fixed: Lighting Issues on Slaughterhouse

Fixed: Incorrect Location Name on Nancy’s House

Fixed: Bone and Skull Clipping on Slaughterhouse

Fixed: Stuck Spots on Slaughterhouse

Fixed: Invisible Collision in Bushes on Slaughterhouse

Fixed: Various Textures

Fixed: ‘Face Grinder’ Execution Not Present

Fixed: Stamina Boost Regeneration when a Victim Disconnects

Fixed: Engine.ini File Edits to Remove Foliage

  • We have fixed an issue where players were able to change the engine.ini files to remove and adjust foliage

  • Those files have been strengthened to combat exploitive player behavior

Fixed: Victims Bypass a Fence to Collect a Bone Scrap on Gas Station

Fixed: Disconnection Exploit

  • We have fixed an issue where players would disconnect from the internet while moving in order to not receive damage from attacks, break chase, create a distraction, or to scare victims out of hiding spots

  • Disconnected players will now stay in place upon disconnection

Fixed: Door Slamming Dead Victims for XP

Fixed: Players Gaining 2x XP with Spectator Mode

Fixed: Audio Bug with Fuse Door Slam

Fixed: XP Earned Despite Disconnect

Fixed: Redirect to Platform Store

Fixed: Party Voice Chat

Fixed: Spectator Camera Drag

Fixed: Push To Talk Stuck

Fixed: Various Minor UI/HUD Issues

Fixed: Various Minor UI Issues

Fixed: Strength Attribute Description

Fixed: Missing Localizations

Fixed: Hitchhiker 3 Trap Instant Kill

Fixed: Spectator/Camera Issues

Fixed: Chat and Scoreboard Soft Lock

Fixed: Slaughterhouse Out of Bounds

Fixed: Saboteur Perk and Fusebox

Fixed: Right Shift Rebind

Fixed: Chat Key Rebind

Fixed: New Character Unlocks

Fixed: Party Invite Unavailable

  • This issue was causing issues inviting players when different cross play settings were being used

  • This issue would lock up follow up invites, even if settings were changed

Fixed: Visual Bug with Character Levels

Fixed: Visual Bug with Earned Skill Points

Fixed:  Temp White Box for Player Icon

Fixed: No Sell and Leatherface Revved Up Attack

Fixed: Extra Drip Perk Fix

  • This issue caused the Extra Drip effect to never end if a Victim was healed by a teammate while healing themselves

  • This perk will still pop in healing events, but no longer gets stuck on

Fixed: Choose Flight Stutters

Fixed: FPS Drops when Returning to Main Menu

Fixed:  Flickering Leaves

Fixed: Failed To Join Party Reinvite

Fixed: Next Match Dropping Party

Fixed: Connection Issues Disabling Party Creation

Fixed: Connection Issues Disabling Matchmaking

Fixed: Next Match Join Lobby Solo

Fixed: Custom Lobby Failed to Launch

Fixed: Nancy’s House Car Collision

Fixed: Nancy Cosmetic Descriptions

Fixed: Leatherface Concept Art Unlockable

Fixed: Nicotero Leatherface Volume – Crawl Space Destruction

Fixed: Windows Key Rebind

Fixed: Alt Key Rebind on Some Key Setups

Fixed: Character Blacked Out on Some Platforms/Builds

Fixed: Grandpa Perks Unequip

Fixed: Missing Foliage

Fixed: Haptic Feedback Inconsistent

Fixed: No Sell Disabled After Being Trapped

Fixed: Multiple XP Events

Fixed: Well Interaction Lock

Fixed: Well Connection Disruption

Fixed: Missing Voice Lines

Fixed: Victim Stamina Bonus

Fixed: Blood Trails

Fixed: Grandpa Perks UI

Fixed: Car Crawl Stuck

Fixed: Trap Bypass

Fixed: Hunt Not Canceling Properly

Fixed: Sonny Ability and Minigames

Fixed: Skill Tree Resets

Fixed: Leatherface Connection Disruption

Fixed: Tourniquet Fixed

  • The Tourniquet perk is now fixed and will no longer stay active indefinitely if two health items are used consecutively

  • We have also fixed an issue with Tourniquet where connection interruptions would make the perk active indefinitely

Fixed: Victim Noise Marker and Hiding Spots

  • Fixed an issue where the noise indicator would not stick to Victims after bursting out of hiding spots

  • This is related to the change that pings stick to Victims when making noise

Fixed: Must Have Been the Wind

  • We have fixed the perk Must Have Been the Wind to function with the new design change to noise generation

  • This is related to the change that pings stick to Victims when making noise

Fixed: Twinkle Toes

Fixed: Quick Exit

Fixed: Spotter

Fixed: Second Wind

Fixed: Efficient Backstabber

Fixed: Fusebox Cursor Issues

Fixed:  Nicotero Blood Splatter

Fixed: Leatherface Door Destruction

  • If Leatherface starts the animation of destroying a door with his saw, it can no longer be opened during the animation

  • This issue was caused by another Family member opening the door just after Leatherface selects to destroy it, resulting in overlap

Fixed: Leatherface Missing Idle Animation

  • Fixed the missing idle animation after Leatherface overheats his saw and after an overhead attack

  • Previously, Leatherface would appear still, without his usual idle

Fixed: Ladders and Hands

Fixed: Victim Restraints

  • Fixed an issue where if a Victim is hit before getting out of their restraints, they would fall, then pop back up into the restraints

  • Now, if hit before escaping restraints, Victim will fall normally and stay free

Fixed:  Trapped Victim Gate Bypass

Fixed: Hitchhiker Trap Collection

Fixed: Victims, Incapacitations, and Hiding Spots

  • Fixed a really weird bug where if a Victim uses a hiding spot and exits due to incapacitation, then a second Victim does the same thing on the same hiding spot, the first Victim instantly dies

  • To the one person who might have experienced this, you’re welcome

Fixed: Sissy Stun Lock

Fixed: Grandpa Detection

Fixed: Victim Traversal Lock

Fixed: Ghost Victim in North Cell

Fixed: Invincible Victim in Crawl Space

Fixed: Safe Window Jumps

Fixed: Torn Apart Execution Audio

Fixed: Unlock Tool Alignment

Fixed: Healing While Disconnecting

Fixed: Stuck In Animations

Fixed: Locked on Valve Pickup

Fixed: Leatherface Carry

Fixed: Grapple Disconnects

Fixed: Victim Attacked While Disconnected

  • Fixed an issue where if a Victim is disconnected while interacting with a minigame, then attacked, they cannot move when rejoining the session

Fixed: Camera Control

Fixed: Valve progress and Rejoin

Fixed: Loading Screen Loop

Fixed: Cook Idle Crash

Fixed: Cook Gas Station Crash

Fixed: Gallows Spectate Crash

Fixed: Healing Traps

  • We have fixed an issue with the damage modifier for Hitchhiker traps that would unintentionally heal Victims

  • This upgrade to the Trap ability will now function as described in game

Fixed: Camera On Johnny

Fixed: Restraints Animation

Fixed: Scaling Issues

Fixed: Frame Rate Issues in Basement

Fixed: Loud Leatherface Feet

Fixed: Stuck Spots on Family House

Fixed: So Close

Fixed: Turning Off the Valve

Changed: Character Outlines when Making Noise

Changed: Mute All Option

Changed: Auto Crouch Toggle

Changed: Nancy’s House Valve Tank Locations

Changed: Victim Abilities at Match Start

Changed: Hitchhiker Traps and Pressure Valves

Changed: Gas Station Smoke Room

Changed: Hiding Invite Codes

Changed: Valve Pressurizing After Close

  • When Family closes the valve, it will now build pressure back up, reducing Victim progress towards the gate opening

Changed: Variable Lobby Timer

  • We have changed the behavior of the lobby timer, depending on how many players have hit “ready”

  • If 5 out of 7 players in a lobby hit “ready” the lobby timer will drop to 30 seconds

Changed: Grandpa Awakened Cut Scene

Changed: Leatherface Requirement

  • We have removed the requirement for Leatherface in every match

  • This change does not affect anything other than the requirement

  • Maps, barricades, and Family spawns are unchanged

Changed: Gas Station Fuse and Fusebox Spawns

  • We have changed the spawn locations for some fuses on Gas Station

  • We have changed a few spawns for the fusebox itself as well

  • This should help prevent scenarios where a fuse spawns near a fusebox

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