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Passengers have cardiac arrest in mid-air. Doctor, go first, the crew save him

Doctor and cabin crew of Go First Airlines saved a man who suffered from the heart arrest

New Delhi:

Doctor on board Go First flight and crew with Their quick actions saved one of the passengers who suffered from the heart arrest The airline owned by Wadia Group said in the middle of the flight in Today’s statement.

The airline, which acknowledged the timely intervention, said it would honor the cabin crew with a cash reward.

The passenger was Jonah Ryanroth on Go First flight from Kannur to Dubai when he had a heart attack arrestthe airline said.

As the passenger shouted for helpThe Go First cabin crew immediately ran towards the passenger and found unconscious with No pulse, no breathing. no second lost , with help of Other passengers the victim was placed on back kitchen floor The crew has started CPR or CPR.”

Fortunately, the doctor, Dr. Shabr Ahmed, was also also travel on The same trip, the injured was treated with two groups of Automated external defibrillators (AED), followed by five groups of CPR. doctor together with The cabin crew revived the customer back The airline said in Statement.

The passenger was placed later on oxygen and put in a recovery Posture, finally regained consciousness.

In the meantime, the crew implemented effective crowd control, took care of other customers, and kept the cockpit crew informed. with regular Updates on Medical condition. Then Mr. Rayanroth was finally taken down on A wheelchair is like a flight made scheduled landing in Dubai,” the airline said.

Go First has also given free for free ticket For both the doctor and the passenger to travel to any local or international section on Airline network.


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