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Partygate: Boris Johnson will hide behind ‘unconsciously’ protection | Boris Johnson

When Boris Johnson starts shipping box on Tuesday, for in first time in weeks, his allies will roar support – an attempt to immediately dispel any questions about confidence in his leadership.

While prime minister may appear in times repent for breaking Covid laws during England first Covid lockdown, expected to claim he didn’t believe he was doing anything at the time wrong.

This defense key to make sure he can’t be found deliberately mislead parliament when he said no rules were broken in No. 10 when stories of drunk party staff with suitcases full of wine and dj first appeared.

It is “consciously” which is the most important.

Johnson will try to clean issue under the carpet bat off calls to step down and urge MPs to focus on issues like war in Ukraine. He will inevitably thrown lifelines by some fellow defenders. The case will inevitably drag on. on.

Upstairs of ongoing Metropolitan police investigation and as yet unpublished report by Sue Grey, opposition parties also setting attempts to keep the spotlight on Johnson rule- breaking.

they push for Speaker, Lindsey Hoyle, allow a vote on debate about whether prime minister should be carried out in contempt of parliament, which could potentially open an inquiry by the privileges committee into whether the Commons was misled.

it is dangerous area for Johnson, because the ministerial code, which bears his signature, is crystal clear. clear what price for misleading parliament this is a resignation.

While the text of Any final the movement hasn’t materialized yet – and Hoyle won’t make his decision on accept it or not until Tuesday – conservative insiders admit issue will be treated like a confidence vote.

But any vote will almost certainly be whipped, which means the plan is doomed to failure. fail even if he goes to vote thanks to the vast majority of Johnson – except for the giant back bench rebellion.

One MP said he was considering voting against in government but knew that if they did, they would be undressed of whip and that would be the end of his political career.

“We have reputation for be ruthless and cruel, who does not live up at the moment,” they said.

There are those on in governments side who also believe move premature, and maximum damage will in fact be applied if issue was left hanging unresolved in in run-up to next hold monthly local elections maximum damage.

Opposition parties also be skeptical of the odds of any investigation can use any evidence prove Johnson misled parliament. “Is not clear how we’d show that intent was undeniable,” the source said.

Both Labor and the Liberal Democrats are still striving force in vote given the inconvenient time for conservatives, with Less than a month is left before the mid-term local elections.

Internet advertising works up target voters in key districts where Conservative MPs who maybe not want offer them to Johnson public support will be forced back his.

While government of course anyway win is another disturbing echo for some tories of the fall of Theresa May, whose administration found in contempt of parliament less than four years ago.

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