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Pakistan’s internal political turmoil cannot undermine the OIC debate: opposition

ISLAMABAD: Hours after the opposition sent a threatening message to the federal government to interrupt the next meeting of the OIC Board of Foreign ministers in wait in federal capital if not trust vote is delaying, the joint opposition took a U-turn on his decision and welcomed the moot of the OIC.

The PML-N issued a joint statement of the united opposition on social media late Saturday evening, stating that the arrival of foreign ministers, delegates and other dignitaries of the Islamic world on the occasion of the 48th session of the OIC Board of Foreign ministers were warmly welcomed in Pakistan.

He said Pakistan’s internal political situation and political turmoil would not be allowed to influence the OIC in any way.

“The arrival of the distinguished guests is a source of joy and pride for us. We appreciate their spirit and their determination to consider matters that matter facing the Islamic world including Afghanistan, Jammu and Kashmir and Palestine in the discussion in course on March 22 and 23, 2022. Let’s look forward to welcome them “, reads the note.

It also said the United Opposition, in representation of people of Pakistan, assures the guests of the OIC that the whole of Pakistan would welcome them on They arrival.

“During their presence in Islamabad, they will ensure They role in creating a favorable atmosphere in compliance with the traditional spirit of hospitality, respect and traditions “.

The statement also he said the opposition will do its best to create an atmosphere in that illustrious guests could bring out their duties with full attention, dedication and determination.

This was stated by the declaration of the united opposition in to welcome and honor the illustrious guests of the OIC, the United Opposition changed appointments of its long march and instructed its workers not to come to Islamabad before March 25.

“We hope you enjoy your stay of esteemed guests in Islamabad will be pleasant and they will return home with good remember ”, the statement added.

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