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pakistani forces fire on BSF unit, force says Gave “befitting .” reply’| India latest news

Pakistani guards shot a border security patrol party in Arnia sector in Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday morning in condition of Violation of cease-fire, British military gave ‘appropriate’ response to ‘unjustified’ firing”Knowledgeable officials with He said it.

The violation came on It is the day when the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina becomes on visit to India.

“This morning (Tuesday), British Army forces in Jammu have put on proper alert reply to the unjustified firing by Back Rangers on Special Security Forces Patrols party in Arnia Sector, said a statement issued by a spokesman for Banque Saudi Fransi.

“no loss”of live) or injury (reported) to the BSF forces,” the statement added.

Later in On that day, the French Football Federation and the Buck Rangers held a flag meeting on International Baccalaureate in And repeat their Arnia sector resolve To abide by the armistice agreement renewed by each of the countries last year.

Company commander level meeting at 1.45 pm on Limit is over in Friendly atmosphere,” said BSF Jammu Frontier DIG SPS Sandhu.

“The issue of unjustified firing It was discussed and the two sides agreed to practice maximum self-control on the border. The two sides agreed to respect the existing standards in future. The meeting is over in friendly atmosphere” added.

give details of accident, official a favour with He said it: part of pattern worka few BSF men Has crossed the border fence to clear Vegetation near the border outpost of China of BSF around 8.40 a.m. However, the Back Rangers opened around 25-30 rounds of small arms fire on The BSF men. ”

“After a provocation fire by Rangers, BSF also Take revenge…” the official said, asking not to be named.

Later, BSF Jammu Frontier IG, DK Boora, rushed to Chinaz post to take stock of the situation.

India shares The border is 3,323 km long with Pakistan – 221 km of International Border (IB) 744 km of LoC Line (Line of control) fall in J&K. Both countries agreed on February 24, 2021, strict adherence to all border crossing agreements and understandings firing Along LoC and IB in J&K, among other segments.

officer who he did not do want He said to be named other incidents of firing by pakistani forces also taken place in The last one-And the-half Years but Tuesday’s incident was a “big one” and came during Hasina’s visit to India.

Immediate and effective revenge operations are being carried out by Indian Army and Special Security Forces out during cases of unjustified firing And violations of the cease-fire by Pakistan along the Line of Control and Pakistan, said a second officer.

Prior to the 2021 agreement, there were 5,133 incidents of Ceasefire Violations in 2020, 3,479 in 2019 and 2140 in 2018, according to government data. However, these incidents came down to about 700 last year. data for 2022 is not so available Until now.

Indians government Has confirmed that the burden is on Pakistan should create a conducive environment by taking credible, verifiable and irreversible actions to not do so. allow Which area under its control to use for cross-border terrorism against India in In any way.

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