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Pakistani army commander Bajwa to step down in 5 weeks without seeking renewal

Oct 21 2022, 15:54 IST

Rawalpindi [Pakistan]Oct 21 (ANI): Pakistan chief of Army Staff General Qamar Jawed Bajwa on On Friday, he said he would not renew his contract and would retire in five weeks, Pakistan’s Geo News reported.
The COAS, according to sources, said the army would not play Any role in politics.
It is noteworthy that Bajwa set retire on November 29 is year and all eyes concentrated on appointment of in new army chief.
Earlier, Bajwa assured the nation that the military had distanced itself from politics as well as want stay away from it in in future also. He was given a threeyear extension on November 29, 2019
Addressing the gathering during a luncheon at the Pakistani Embassy in Washington, Bajwa said he would leave after completion of his second three-year term in two months, Dawn reported.
There was speculation that he might second extension after reporting a meeting between Bajwa and PMLN Supreme Leader Nawaz Sharif in London.
After the Bajwa Sharif meeting, current discussion on possible Bajwa’s successors in November may take new turn. possible the successors are Rawalpindi Corps Commander Lieutenant General Sakhir Shamshad Mirza, Lieutenant General Azhar Abbas, Lieutenant General Nauman Mahmud Raja and Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed.
It should be noted that three officers who most likely remain in in queue these will be Gujranwala Corps Commander Muhammad Amir and Multan Corps Commander Lieutenant General Chirag Haider and ISI Intelligence Lieutenant General Nadeem Ahmed Anjum Sheikh.
In addition, a recent promotion of 12 major generals set scene for major rearrangement in leader of pakistan military brass.

latest promotion was seen as one of in more consistent decisions from the boss of Army Staff General Qamar Jawed Bajwa in front of his retirement, as the 12 promoted officers will make up the main chunk of in team what new the chief will inherit in November.
Rarely seen this big amount of promotion in rank of lieutenant general in one time. Stock in the army was late for nearly year although it is commonly said that these elevations are based on vacancies.
12 newly appointed generals up positions vacated due to retirement of three lieutenant generals in mid October 2021, one in July of this year and five at the end of September, reports Dawn.
Two more generals got promoted in expectation of promotion of two lieutenant generals to fill the impending four-star vacancies in connection with the upcoming retirement of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Staff Committee General Nadeem Raza and Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Jawed Bajwa.
Promotions at this level in the army is the only prerogative of KOAS. But traditionally bosses hold informal consultations with Another senior the generals, taking these decisions, informed Dawn.
Among the newly appointed officers, several of they worked closely with Gen Bajwa. These officers are the Deputy Chief of General Staff – General A Nauman Zikria, General of the ISPR General Directorate Babar Iftikhar and General of the Advanced Planning Department of the General Directorate Ayman Bilal Safdar.
Displaced about 20 major generals. in this exercise, but there were few of them big surprises, except for a couple or so, Dawn reported.
All eyes now will be on wiring of promoted officers, what will be done soon by headquarters. Several important positions currently lies vacant, Dawn reported.
Shortly after his appointment in In 2016, General Bajwa was given the opportunity to promote seven major generals, which helped him set up his own team.
Seven positions were on that case became vacant due to a promotion of from two officers to fourstar ranks, and four others quit after being replaced. (API)

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