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Pakistani army commander admits military intervention in politics | News

But General Qamar Javed Bajwa shows that the most powerful the institution decided to refrain from politics.

Islamabad, Pakistan – The outgoing commander-in-chief of the Pakistani army, General Qamar Javed Bajwa. says in military intervened unlawfully in politics for decades and he won’t do it again.

In his last apply as Commander of the Bajwa Army on Wednesday defended the largest country powerful institution that came in for criticism, especially from former Prime Minister Imran Khan, who accused the army of a role in removing it in April.

Speaking at event at army headquarters in Oriental city of Rawalpindi, 62-year-old general I wonder why the army in neighboring India was not criticized by public.

“In my opinion, reason for this is the constant intervention of the army in politics for in last 70 years, which is unconstitutional,” he said. Therefore, since February last year, military decided not to interfere in any political issue.

He added what military began his “catharsis” and expressed the hope that the political parties also “introspection of their behavior.”

” reality in that in Pakistan, institutions, political parties and civil society, they have it all made mistakes,” Bajwa said. “The time has come for us to learn from them and move forward”.

Bajwa drew attention to Pakistan’s precarious economic situation and urged on all parties involved put their egos aside, work in tandem and learn to accept their victories and defeats.

62-year-old general was at the helm of 600 thousandth nuclear military since 2016. He has been granted an extension of three years in August 2019 by then Prime Minister Khan. He set retire on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif is expected to announce his successor. in coming days.

In a speech that lasted approximately 10 minutes, Bajwa spent a lot of time on subject of politics and condemned the outpouring of negative and harsh criticism of the military, which has run country for more how half time since independence in 1947

The army has big stakes in in economy and has a significant impact in South Asian country decision policy on foreign affairs as well as national safety. Not prime minister ever completed his tenure.

Bajwa acknowledged that criticism of in military from political parties and public it’s their right, but be warned against in use of unworthy words against army.

“All should keep … in Keep in mind that there are limits to this patience,” he said. “I want ignore this aggressive criticism of myself and my army, because Pakistan is the most important for all of us”.

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