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Pakistan urges world take into account of Islamophobia in India

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Tuesday urged international community take into account of aggravating situation of Islamophobia in India and play it must role in ensuring freedom of religion and safety of besieged muslim community a life in India.

Like violence against Muslims in India reaches new high, ministry of foreign affairs also asked the Indian government to transparently investigate incidents of widespread violence against minorities, especially Muslims, and their places of worship and take action for stopping such incidents in future. ” government of India should ensure in safetysafety and well-being of minorities,” the Foreign Ministry said.

Pakistan has previously condemned in the strongest possible terms very unfortunate incidents related to playing of Hanuman Chalisa and other religious Hindus songs on loudspeakers against muslims call perform prayer (adhan) various mosques in indian state of Karnataka.

“The disturbing incidents occurred just a day after the head of Sri Ram Sen made despicable call for “drown” the azan through provocative playing of Hanuman Chalisa and other Hindu religious hymns. It is reprehensible that the reprehensible so-called “Azan se Azaadi” campaign was launched by Hindu fanatical groups in Karnataka that exposes new level of religious radicalism in BJP-Administered India, Ministry of Foreign Affairs added.

modi government watched in silence and extremists took silence as encouragement, as loudspeakers removed from mosques through various states in India under pretense of ensuring “social harmony”. Indian media widely reported on ban of Azan broadcast through loudspeakers with some mosques in many parts of India is now turning down how they come under pressure. A policy of exclusion aimed at denying Muslims their fundamental right to practice and practice their religion, only expose deep-rooted anti-Muslim prejudices in Indian state and society,” said FO.

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