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Pakistan urges new strategy as using aid to pressure on Taliban proves ineffective

NEW YORK: This was stated by Pakistani Ambassador to the UN Munir Akram. for studying “new strategy” of engaging and persuading the Taliban to listen to international community worries over political and human rights in Afghanistan to continue global support for his suffering people.

” strategy who has been followed so far of usage international help in to force the Taliban to do what international community wants, was not crowned with success,” Akram said. in interview with BBC.

“Therefore,” he added”we need find new strategy of attract and convince in to correct my behavior and continue international support for Afghan people”.

In response to questions, Ambassador Akram said that while some of Taliban decisions unacceptable to the world, Pakistan has no option but live with Afghanistan, its neighbor. “Whatever happens in Afghanistan influences on Pakistan,” he said.

“We can’t afford not to continue interacting with The Taliban are reality, they are in control of the whole country, and therefore we must deal with them”, the messenger added.

He said if international support or humanitarian aid for Afghanistan was slaughtered off“we will have a plight – hunger and hunger outflow of refugees, increased instability, rise of terrorism – all these consequences flow from” such an action.

“So we think that we should continue to participate, continue humanitarian assistance and support for economic recovery in Afghanistan because it way out for Afghan people get out of poverty and the terrible situation in which they face”.

“Because the economy fell apart – economy was addicted 75% on foreign aid,” said Ambassador Akram people of Afghanistan must continue to be provided international help. “That’s basically our approach.”

When asked about the Taliban not keeping their promises made had madeAmbassador Akram asked the question: “Besides the engagement, what choice international community has because the alternative is an even bigger disaster in Afghanistan – so we have no choice but to fight with them and keep trying to convince them.

“It’s unclear, obviously. how and when we could convince them, but of course if we could deliver on table, some kind of encouragement, perhaps they will work better than pressure and coercion.

To the question about issue of women and girls, he said Pakistan was trying best convince the Taliban allow access women, as, of course, their role in in international the aid program was important. “We see it, but you know we must work around it difficulty,” he said.

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