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Pakistan Prime Minister: Peace should ramp up changing of the climate fight

ISLAMABAD. Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif told a US diplomat Thursday that world must step up this is fight against climate change on avoid more deadly flood in impoverished islamic nation, government said.

Sharif made in comment in meeting with Derek Chollet, senior State Department official visiting Islamabad for damage assessment and organization for to help in commemoration of floods that killed 1,355 people affected 3.3 million people as well as made more how half million homeless.

According to the statement, Chollet “confirmed that the US will support Pakistan.” in commemoration of this huge challenge to expand vital support and also help affected people rebuild their lives and communities.

The meeting took place the day before of in first US plane expected to load arrive in Pakistan with reserves. UN Secretary General António Guterres also It was arrive in Pakistan on Friday to go to flood-hit areas.

Guterres arrives in Pakistan less than two weeks after appeal for $160 million in emergency funding for help millions affected record- outburst floods, which caused at least $10 billion in damage.

Last week, Guterres warned of the consequences of changing of the climate in in future.

“Let’s stop sleepwalking to destruction of our planet due to climate change,” he said. on August 31 in video message for the ceremony in Islamabad. “Today it is Pakistan. Tomorrow it could be your country,” he said at the time.

While UN agencies and several countries sent dozens of aircraft of assistance to the Pakistani flood victims. Washington has announced US will provide $30 million in help help victims of in flood.

Catastrophe added new burden for cash-linked Pakistan and highlighted disproportionate effect of changing of the climate on improved population. Experts say Pakistan responsible for only 0.4% of in the world, historical emissions are to blame for everything for changing of the climate. USA responsible for 21.5%, China for 16.5% and EU 15%.

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