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Pakistan flood fare rises with 25 children among 57 more deaths

Man inspecting damage caused to his house after the rains and floods in the rainy season, in Charsadda, Pakistan, September 3, 2022 – Reuters
  • High level body meets to sum up of disaster in Islamabad chaired by Prime Minister Shahbaz.
  • UNICEF says there was risk of “Many more child deaths from disease after the flood.
  • Initial estimates of damage is estimated at $10 billion.

KARACHI: Damage from catastrophic floods in Pakistan continued climb on Saturday with 57 more deaths, 25 of their children as the country struggles with rescue operation of on an almost unprecedented scale.

high level body set up to coordinate relief efforts met in Islamabad on Saturday for in first time chaired by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to take stock of catastrophe.

Record monsoon rains and melting glaciers in the northern mountains brought floods that affected 33 million people. people and killed at least 1265 people. people including 441 children. Flood, accused on climate change is still spreading.

Proportion of children’s death caused concern. On Friday, the United Nations children’s agency (UNICEF) reported that risk of “Many more child deaths from disease after the flood.

Floods that inundated a third of country was preceded by four heatwaves and numerous raging wildfires, the head of the disaster management department told a high-level meeting, emphasizing the impact of changing of the climate in nation of South Asia.

” year 2022 brought harsh realities of changing of the climate for Pakistan, chapter of This was announced at a briefing by Lieutenant General of the National Department for the Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters Akhtar Nawaz. for top leadership of the country.

“This year we did not witness the spring season – we faced four waves of heat caused large-scale forest fires across the country,” he said.

The fires were particularly strong in southwestern province of Balochistan, destroying the stripes of cedar forests and other vegetation close to areas now under water.

Balochistan received 436% more rain than 30-year average this monsoon.

The province suffered extensive destruction, including a washout of key rail and road networks, as well as breakdowns in telecommunications and power infrastructure, the report said.

The country received almost 190% more rain than 30-year average in in quarter to August, only 390.7 millimeters (15.38 in). Sindh Province, with a population of 50 million was the heaviest hit, receiving 464% more rain than 30-year average.

Help flowed in from the number of countries, with in first humanitarian aid flight from France has landed on Saturday morning in Islamabad. But Pakistan’s largest charity group said there were more millions who relief and rescue efforts were not achieved.

Initial estimates of damage estimated at $10 billion, but research is still being done with international organizations.

United Nations for $160 million in help help to fight the “unprecedented climate catastrophe” that the Pakistani navy was fanning. out carry domestically out relief operations in sea-like areas.

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