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Pakistan condemns ‘naughty’ India move’ to mark August 14 as “Separation Horror Memorial Day” – world

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FO) on Wednesday denounced the Indian government as mischievous move” of Celebration of “Section Horror Memorial Day” on August 14 – Pakistan Day of independence.

According to Hindu, decision commemorate August 14 as a day of remembrance Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken it upon himself to commemorate the “struggle and sacrifice of our people”.

This year the newspaper writes, event will be celebrated with silent marches in the center on 75 refugee colonies and exhibitions also to be set up in more than 5000 locations including universities and colleges.

India’s Foreign Ministry statement released today said the government, led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), was trying to play with the senses of in people through misinterpretation of history “hypocritical and one- unilaterally cause a tragic events and the mass migration that took place in commemoration of Independence in 1947”.

“If Indian leaders really care about agony, suffering and pain, they should work improve conditions of Muslims and other minorities in India,” the statement said.

FO continued that last seven decades were full with irrefutable proof that “support for India of secularism was a sham.”

fact was that today’s India was an undeclared “Hindu Rashtra” that had no place or tolerance for other religious minorities, especially Muslims who we faced with discrimination, persecution and political and socio-economic exclusion”, on to tell.

FO also informed the Indian government refrain from politicizing events associated with independence and instead sincerely commemorate of all those who who sacrificed for better future for all.

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