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Overclocking against elements, slanderous people Via Immoral Videos: Rana Sanaulla

Federal Minister of the Interior Rana Sanulla. – Radio Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Federal government decided to start overclocking against those who distribute obscene and inappropriate videos on social media discredit people.

In a statement on On Friday, Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanulla said: prime minister instructed what is content cannot be tolerated and we will arrest those who spread immoral content on social media”.

governments announcement came after former prime minister Imran Khan’s statement that his opponents hired companies that prepare for killing his character.

Interior minister said social media will not be allowed to use for throw mud at others. He said that such incidents will be stopped material used for blackmail.

He said that those involved in criminal activities will be carried out with iron hands and instructions were given to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and other agencies.

“We will wash out those who spread such filth, including immoral videos and photos,” Rana Sanaulla said.

deep fake videos

In an interview earlier this week, the PTI chairman claimed that the Sharifs made preparing to launch an assassination attempt on a character drive against him after Eid al-Adha.

“Now that Eid al-Adha is over, you will see that they are fully prepared for killing my character. They hired companies that cook material on this account,” he said, adding that he had to face mafia, the biggest of which was Sharif’s mafia.

former the Prime Minister mentioned that they [Sharifs] always resort to attack on on a personal level because they indulged in corruption for in last 35 years. “When someone talks about their corruption, they attack their character, he said. added.

Taking into account campaign against Jemima Goldsmith, he said, “My ex-wife was also target in in past and campaign was run against her, blaming her of be a part of Jewish lobby. The same way, false case was filed against her, blaming her of export of antique tiles from the country.

former prime minister addressed issue of killing his character amid repeated warnings and cautions from a supported PTI social media reports of what he called “profoundly fake videos”.

Such videos use The form of artificial intelligence called deep learning to create life.like but fake videos of people.

Similar social media opposing platforms also discussed this issue from different angles, while some deplored this “element” in political arena and want end of it.

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