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Over 500 Ukrainians children stuck waiting for UK visa decision | Immigration and asylum

Over 500 Ukrainian children who fled the war without their parents stuck waiting in uncertainty across Europe after applying to Homes for Scheme of Ukraine, sources collaborate closely with speak at the Ministry of the Interior.

Most of them are teenagers who thought they would be eligible and British families are waiting to be admitted but haven’t heard from the Home Office.

Many have been waiting for two months or more unanswered due to indecision how go about your business.

Some are lonely in Europe, which has left home thinking that they soon to be joining British family who is ready to receive them. Other with adult siblings or family friends who Was made legal guardians, but still do not have permission to come.

About 25 unaccompanied people children were admitted to the UK during first two weeks of scheme “Houses for Ukraine” and ended up in care how the result is, the sources say.

Although policy currently says children cannot travel without parents if they don’t with legal guardian, the Home Office did not offer decision or a solution to all these who applied before it was set out.

Even teenagers travel with Adults who Was made legal guardians of their parents are among those caught up in dead end.

Stephen Kinnock, shadow immigration minister, said: “I just expressed concerns this week in letter to the immigration office minister taking into account the governments policy on unaccompanied minors, but this latest information reflects the potential scale of in problem.

“We understand that government comprehensive security reviews need to be done, but there is a particular question as to why long delays are still occurring in cases when parent It has already filled out the relevant documents that give permission for their child should be placed in care of relative.”

Earlier this month, The Guardian reported story of Nazariya, 17, who listened to war planes flying overhead in his village in Western Ukraine while he waited for a decision from the Ministry of the Interior. Teaching assistant and her family in Hampshire was ready to take him in, but he hasn’t heard anything since the application was made. on April 11.

More than three weeks later, he is still in Ukraine with no denial or update. “The Ministry of the Interior has not given me any information. I don’t know what to do, he said. “If it’s a waiver, ok, but without any information it’s impossible.”

Beth Gardiner-Smith, Executive Director of Safe Passage, a charity for refugee children, said: “We know of too much children who are currently stuck in limbo, one in Ukraine and neighboring countries, who desperately want join their sponsors are here in United Kingdom. Unacceptable, it leaves you lonely children in dangerous and vulnerable positions risk of exploitation”.

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Gardiner-Smith said that government should expand houses for Scheme of Ukraine for unaccompanied people children working with local authorities and charities ensure security.

Even those with British hosts are ready to accept children did not have decision. Among them are severely autistic 16-year-old Timofey Timoshenko, who The Guardian says it’s still waiting in Poland was allowed join British adoptive guardian.

The situation is critical that the sources said it was the biggest point of obsession because of latest weekly meeting of deputies’ offices with Ministry of the Interior.

Krish Kandia, Founder of Sanctuary Foundation, which supporting British hosts in Houses for Ukraine,” said: “It is alarming to hear that unaccompanied minors seeking to leave Ukraine for them safety waiting so long for visas when I know what are adoptive guardians like my own family and other suitable hosts in Great Britain who are ready to take care for them.”

BUT government the representative said: “For safety reasons, unaccompanied minors are only eligible under the Houses Act. for Scheme of Ukraine if they reunite with a parent or legal guardian in United Kingdom.

“Ukrainian government was clear that their preference children should do not take out of Ukraine without them parents and what moving child from them home region should be in them best interest.”

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