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Outrage of netizens over one more petrol price to travel on foot

After another trip in prices of oil products, network users on social media. Prices of oil products increased significantly total of 60 rupees in in less than a month. This new came “revelation” just hours after the National Electricity Regulatory Authority (Nepra) announced increase in in price of power tariffs at 7.9 rupees per unit.

Journalist Kazmi Wajahat shared a terrible rush outside fuel pumps before new prices were set take effect at 12 o’clock at night.

“Terrible situation outside gasoline pumps in Karachi with very long lines, [the] government will increase price 30 rupees per liter from midnight. BUT total of Increased price of 60 rubles per liter. in last several days. And gasoline price will be increased in the future in coming days.”

Journalist Usman Hanif reported that gas stations closed due to hype. of people and feared an escalation in tensions.

“People rushed to #Petrol after [the] government announced another hike of 30 rupees in just several days. pumps shut down to avoid mobs. People say the fuel mafia wants to make extra profit by holding him until 12 midnight because new prices will take effect after that.”

Sports presenter Abdul Ghaffar shared an image of bike and signed it as “future”.

While others countries can present futuristic modes of transport in the form of unmanned or flying cars, Pakistani social media users shared images of humble eco-friendly bike as oil prices skyrocketed.

Another user suggested to take a leaf out of pages of tradition and care back on a horsedrawn carts.

Among oil-free transportation jokesphotographer of two passengers on bike, with one holding broken car the door was also general.

social media user Ahsan Janjua posted search it on google result on in current price of bicycles.

Many netizens feel a painful prick in their wallets after continuous price increases. A Twitter user shared an image of two motorcycles with prices are indicated below.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan called for Friday prayer protest show in public outrage.

‘I want everyone will come out and protest peacefully after Juma Prayer tomorrow against anti-people politics of massive price hikes to crush public and wreak economic havoc in country, since they do not have rates here, since their assets all overseas. ‘


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