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‘Our people need us!’: Celebrities pray for Pakistanis affected by floods call on netizens help out – celebrity

We in in the middle of a national crisis resulting from of a global a crisis. This year the monsoon rains have been unusually incessant, resulting in in flash floods everything over Pakistan. Organizations, governmental and non-governmental, are doing their job. best for maximum coverage and help as much as possible. Given the urgency of situation, celebrities began to voice need act to encourage them followers do your part.

FROM flood death toll 937 and still on in rise, government of Pakistan has declared the monsoon floods a “climate-driven humanitarian crisis”. of epic proportions.” Leaving 30 million people homeless, floods caused huge damage.

Celebrities using their influence for good and encouraging netizens to donate. Singer and actor Farhan Saeed pushed him followers “do charity work” and disseminate information among help “our people” in at that time of need.

Actor Ahsan Khan shared a video of a child affected by the flood expresses his grief with in current situation. He shared death statistics of losses and damage and said: “Let’s help them together!”

Actor Nilam Munir criticized the leaders who take no significant action to help “homeless, displaced, devastated” flood affects and asked: “How will they justify themselves in front of Allah Almighty? “

Amar Khan emphasized the seriousness of situation and asked her followers to “help in any capacity” possible. If nothing, she asked them to raise their hands to pray for them at least.

Cricketer Shaheen Afridi appealed to all citizens with a request help and donate as much as possible. “Let us come out of it’s like a nation,” he said.

Actress Ayesha Omar reposted a video showing the damage. caused floods, calling it traumatic. She urged netizens to unite: “All we have is each other. we must defend for themselves and each other. We must do everything in our power to help our people. Climate change is REAL. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. The time has come. HELP, HELP AS YOU CAN.”

Actor Feroz Khan used trick manage the Instagram algorithm and deliver the message to as many people as possible people as possible. He asked his people donate to start small but start.

The time has come to act now. Here list of organizations that carry out their best provide assistance to victims of natural disasters. Help and do your part.

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