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Otto Neckermann pulls the plug (man)

(Photo: Otto Group)
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“Neckermann says goodbye” has been the motto recently – the Otto Group has now pulled the plug on the brand and integrated the shop into the Otto.de marketplace. This also applies to other brands.

For decades, German households could be divided into three categories: those who Quelle catalog got that with the Otto catalog and Team Neckermann. The thick catalogs have long been a thing of the past, and after the Neckermann bankruptcy in 2012, the Otto Group secured the naming rights and continued to operate the brand. This era ends now.

Otto draws numerous specials -Shops the plug

The Otto Group pulled the plug on Neckermann and other specialty shops that ran under other brands. Anyone who visits neckermann.de, Schlafwelt.de, yourhome.de, naturloft.de or otto-baumarkt.de will be forwarded and informed there about the integration of the range on otto.de. Otto had already closed the sofa shop Cnouch on September 20th.

Neckermann says goodbye – Otto pulls the plug on the shop. (Screenshot: Neckermann / t3n)

On the respective landing pages, Otto explains that the shops belonged to the group and that customer accounts therefore work on otto.de. Customers can also find their order history for the respective online shops there.

Why is Otto closing all the shops?

The shops were part of a multi-shop strategy that, on the one hand, was intended to appeal to customers who do not know Otto or who do not want to buy there. At the same time, online shops with a specialized range can achieve good visibility within the niche. Marketing measures can also be tailored more precisely than is possible for an all-round platform.

However, Otto has been pursuing a marketplace strategy since 2017 and wants to establish otto.de as a platform for all needs and product groups. Third-party dealers who sell their items via otto.de are an integral part of this. In this respect, it is a logical step to bury the sub-shops and integrate them into the marketplace – even if a veteran has to go for that.

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