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Opposition moves no-confidence motion against Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly Kasym Suri

The opposition presented no-confidence resolution against Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Kasim Suri on Friday, the day before the vote on motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Imran Khan must accept place.

resolution addressed to secretary of Secretariat of the National Assembly, was represented by Murtaza Javed Abbasi of PML-N.

According to the resolution, the vice speaker “repeatedly violated the rules of parliamentary practice, democratic norms and traditions, and even constitutional provisions and during the presidency over house, failed conduct proceedings in an orderly manner that allows for productive debate on questions of public importance”.

After filing by the opposition no-confidence resolution against Speaker Assad Qaiser on On April 3, Suri presided over then session. Minutes after session began, the vice speaker rejected a resolution of no confidence against Prime Minister Imran called it contrary to Article 5 of Constitution.

in no-confidence resolution sent against Suri Abbasi said today that instead of performing it role fairly and impartially the Vice Speaker acted in “overtly party manner”, which favored government and often deprived of the opposition of their right to voice their views and views of their electorate.

referring to Suri decision reject distrust move against in prime minister, the ruling stated that the Vice Speaker “deliberately and in bad faith violated the Constitution” and his actions were subject to of Article 6, which is related to high treason.

Previously in day the NA Secretariat issued six agenda for in session tomorrow it will be begin at 10:30.

This will second the time when house will meet vote on resolution calling for for resignation of the premier. last time session was convened last week on April 3, but instead of in vote in accordance with the schedule, the NA Vice Speaker rejected the resolution, calling it contrary to Article 5 of Constitution.

The controversial decision of the vice-speaker was made series of events including dissolution of NA President Arif Alvi on prime minister’s advice leading political upheaval and constitutional crisis.

The case was eventually decided after the Supreme Court took noticed suo motu and formed a large bench to issue resolution.

After lengthy debate at the hearings, which included past five days high court set towards the Vice Speaker’s decision and subsequent dissolution of NS yesterday. SC also ordered the speaker to call session of then on on Saturday no later than 10:30, stating that session cannot be interrupted without a conclusion of motion of no confidence against in prime minister.

Beyond voting on resolution of no confidence, agenda for tomorrow also includes two attention grabbing notices, one of what draws protection minister’s attention to non-payment of advisers salary in Country Quartering Councils and others invites energy ministerattention to increase of oil prices.

The united opposition presented no-confidence motion against prime minister with NA Secretariat on March 8.

In the days before follow, the country’s political landscape was buzzing with activities of both parties and individuals changed alliances, PTI and opposition were seen trading barbs and accusations, along with increased efforts to ensure them success in in no-confidence competition.

After all, the main allies of the ruling PTI, the Awami Party of Balochistan and the Muttahid Qaumi Movement Pakistan, left government and joined opposition ranks, causing Prime Minister Imran to lose his majority in Lower house of parliament.

It was expected that in the event of a vote on movement went according to schedule on On April 3, Prime Minister Imran will be expelled from office. Meanwhile, the united opposition nominated Shehbaz Sharif as their candidate. for vertex post.

But before the vote could begin, Vice Speaker, who presided over session, in a shocking decision dismissed the no-confidence motion, calling it contrary to article 5 of A constitution prescribing loyalty to the state.

This was announced by the vice speaker no-confidence movement was part of foreign conspiracy to overthrow Prime Minister Imran, evidence of which was seen by the National Security Committee and the federal cabinet in the form of “threatening letter” sent to Pakistan through its ambassador in abroad.

According to list shared at the time PML-N information secretary Marrium Aurangzeb, the opposition parties managed to cross the magic figure of 172, stating that enjoy in support of 174 members of the National Assembly. Not included in the number over a dozen dissidents of ruling PTI, who publicly announced his withdrawal of them support to prime minister.

Annoyed by being fired of movement of distrust, the opposition parties staged their own fictitious session in Lower house of parliament with Ayaz Sadiq of PML-N is seated on speaker’s place. During the simulation hearings, 195 deputies voted. in service of in no-confidence movement, according to Sherry Rehman PPP.

In the end, on the same day, President Alvi dissolved the National Assembly. on premier’s advice. While the rest of cabinet was dissolved result of in move, prime minister continued to serve as chief executive of the country until appointment of caretaker installation.

Meanwhile, the Chief Judge of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial drew attention to suo motu of decide the matter on legitimacy of Decree of the vice-speaker and dissolution of the National Assembly.

Yesterday the Supreme Court set towards the Vice Speaker’s decision and subsequent dissolution of Lower house, ordering it’s a vote on motion of no confidence on Saturday.

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