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Onlyfans: Museums feel compelled to open accounts on erotic platforms

Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok are not suitable spaces for nudity in art either. (Photo: Shutterstock)
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Because Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok do not tolerate nudity, some museums have decided to make their offers accessible on Onlyfans. This may be a PR stunt, but it has a serious background.

Onlyfans, the platform for adult content has been in focus in recent months the public – for very dubious reasons. In August of this year, the company changed its guidelines: From October, “sexually explicit” content should no longer be allowed. The background to this was the statutes of financial service providers such as Master Card, which demanded that platforms should check whether any pornographic content is illegal before they are published. At least that’s the official explanation.

A short time later, Onlyfans rowed back again. Probably due to the great criticism of many content creators on the platform, it should now be possible to continue to offer pornographic content. Nevertheless, there is great uncertainty in the scene. Some creators are still planning to switch platforms because Onlyfans’ position seems too obscure to them. The company has at least one crack in its reputation.

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