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One of the world’s largest manufacturers says the global chip shortage could last until 2023

A number of differing opinions relate to one of the biggest current computing problems, namely the global chip shortage. The coronavirus pandemic and the growing cryptocurrency have also had a strong impact on the market, with even major companies such as Apple experiencing significant revenue declines as a result. Bracken Darrell is optimistic about the phenomenon, saying it could end the stock shortage in some industries in a few months. In contrast, IBM CEO Jim Whitehurst sees the chip shortage that could take years to recover and the market will recover only slowly.

Add he sees the problem similarly to Lynn Torre, Flex’s director of manufacturing. Flex, USA-Singapore, is the world’s third largest electronics manufacturer, working as a global company with many professional partners.

In an interview with the Financial Times , Torrel spoke about the shortage of chips and explained that he for years, up to 2023, the phenomenon may persist. In his view, the demand is still huge, which manufacturers cannot meet, and in his opinion, this may change at the earliest at the end of 2022.

The chip shortage In addition to Apple, it also affected Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, but also caused severe revenue losses for several automakers, including Ford, Jeep and Chevy.

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