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On the explosion of the intel headquarters of Punjab police in Mohali, the reaction of Bhagwant Man

Mohali blast: Bhagwant Man said Punjab police are investigating the blast in Mohali.


at first Note after one day of RPG game-like attack In Punjab Police Intelligence Headquarters in Mohali, Chief Minister Bhagwant Man confirmed that day anyone Try to spoil the atmosphere of The state will not be excluded.

He added, “Punjab police are investigating the blast in Mohali. anyone who Try to spoil the atmosphere of “Punjab will not be surrendered,” Mann said.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who is led by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) power in Punjab described it as a cowardly act and said all the perpetrators would be. punished strongly.

“The Mohali explosion is a cowardly act of these who want to disturb the peace of Punjab. Punjab party human year government Will not allow These people make your wishes come true. Peace will be preserved in all circumstances with cooperation of All the people of Punjab and the perpetrators will be punished severely.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Mann called for today’s meeting at his residence with Senior police officers to get a report on Actions taken in the incident news ANI agency, citing sources.

on Monday night attackAn RPG or RPG was launched from the street, and the police said the explosion was minor one. They added that an RPG launcher smashed a glass in the Punjab Police Intelligence Headquarters. The explosion did not result in injuries.

He added, “A small explosion occurred in the Punjab Police Intelligence headquarters in Sector 77, SAS Nagar at approximately 7.45 pm. No damage has been reported. senior officers on Immediately an investigation is conducted. Forensic Medicine teams Mohali Police said: in Declaration.

Representative Raghav Shada described the incident as an act of Cheese is stronger possible Actions will be taken against these who they were behind He. She.

“Explosion in Mohali is a verb of Cheese is that strong who want to disable hard-earned Hello of the state. Punjab government He will not spare those involved and the strongest possible “Action will be taken,” Mr. Shatha wrote on Twitter.

(with inputs from PTI and ANI)


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