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On Handloom Day, visit this village in Telangana to witness art of fabric

Posted: Updated at – 03:29 PM, Saturday – August 6 22

Hyderabad: Pochambali, just three hours From Hyderabad, it is often considered the capital of Ikat of India. Watch the perfect craft of Skilled craftsmen are definitely here once-in-a-life experience.

On this manual day, plan your visit to one of The best tourist villages in country and fall in the love with ikat fabric.

On Handloom Day, visit this village in Telangana to witness art of    fabric

almost all traditional families in This Hamlet weavers out live with a tie-dying Luxurious handwoven silk saree. there over 5000 looms for textile production in this is region This is dotted with stores sale ikat, double ikat fabric, sarees, tilia rumal sarees or cloth, and more.

Handlooms are improved with changing times While custom designs are created based on on arrangement and demand from clients. Before the actual weaving process, designs are made out on graph paper.

Natural movement during the operation of The fabric gives shape to ikat designs of feathers edgethat indeed Clarification of this is technique. Pochampally hand looms are well known for durability of The colors used in spinning.

sari cost Anywhere between 5,000 rupees and 20,000 rupees depending on on complications of The design. The price range It could also be less for some species of ikkat. You can even interact with Weavers in Village and watch art. The village can be explored in two hours. Carry your snacks or food.

Pochampally Village has made to a temporary UNESCO list of world Heritage sites within the ‘famous sari weaving groups’ of India.” Weaving is done here out in Pochampally, Sripuram, Chuigottala, Koyalgudam, Choutuppal, Galteppala and other nearby villages.

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