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On camera, a Bengaluru dentist threw his daughter from the fourth floor, she died

The woman was seen with to her daughter on their apartment balcony in Bengaluru


In the painful CCTV footage, a woman was seen throwing Its four year-old daughter from the balcony of fourth of them-floor apartment in Bengaluru.

After you threw the baby, the woman climbed on The fence stood for A few seconds before that family Members pushed out dragged back and install it in floor.

baby died on Immediately, the police said. The horrific accident happened in an apartment in north Bengaluru SR Nagar on Thursday.

Police said the four-year-old girl was hard of hearing and speech. Because of this, the police said, the woman appeared to be depressed. She was later arrested husband The police case was filed.

She is a dentist and she is husband he is software Engineer.

“We’re looking at all angles… about mother’s mental health as well,” senior Police officer Srinivas Goda said.

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