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On Arvind Kejriwal’s allegation of corruption, a strong refutation of Governor V. K. saxena

New Delhi:

Escalating frictions between the Deputy Governor of Delhi and the ruling Aam Adami Party escalated today with VK Saxena accuses Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of “a leak tactics And the false the accusations” in conflict over excise policyAAP has charged the deputy governor of Being involved/involved in Corruption during the cancellation of trading.

“I called for good judgment, zero Tolerating corruption and improving services for The people of Delhi. But unfortunately the honor CM Tweet embed in Despair has resorted to leaking tactics And the false The accusations,” read a short statement via Twitter from LG.

Mr. Saxena, who she has already Promise of defamation against AAP leaders said he wouldn’t be surprised if “more Such baseless personal attacks “were made on he and him family in Coming days”.

Read another tweet:

LG claimed, as the AAP claimed, to have changed Banned banknotes worth 1400 Crore as Chairman of a government my cheek body.

The relationship between the AAP and the Deputy Governor, who took Cost in have started on storm note, with Mr. Saxena refuses give clearance for Singapore visit to Mr. Kejriwal.

He. She hit a new Low after Mr. Saxena sought a report from state officials on Excise policy and denounced him and gave his consent for Investigation by the central office of Investigation.

AAP hit backMr. Saxena, accused of Corruption during his presidency of Khedi and the Village Industries Committee demanded that the CBI investigate the matter.

AAP leaders claimed that Rs 22 lakh were exchanged in Khadi’s Delhi branch alone has calculated that the scam may involve Rs 1,400 crore as there are 7,000 branches across the country.

Mr. Saxena emphasized today that he cannot be prevented from performing his duties.

He (kejriwal) should know I will in no way refrain from carrying out my constitutional duties. My commitment to improving life of The people of Delhi remains Steady ” in Statement.

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