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Omar Sarfraz Cheema makes startling revelations

ISLAMABAD: Punjab Housing Adviser Omar Sarfraz Cheema made amazing revelations about attack on former prime minister and Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan in This is reported by ARY News in Vazirabad. on Saturday.

In an exclusive interview with ARY News, Omar Sarfraz Cheema revealed that more how one shooter who attacked former prime minister during the long PTI march in Vazirabad.

“To date, the investigation has confirmed that prime the suspect – Naveed – was not alone,” he said, claiming that Muazzam – the slain PTI worker – was shot with a different gun but not from Navid one.

Referring to post- autopsy report, Punjab house adviser said Muazzam was not shot at close range range. ” prime the suspect – Navid – did not have as many bullets as were fired on place, he added.

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Taking into account prime suspect, former The Governor of Punjab said that Naveed was a drug addict and not a religious fanatic. He claimed that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) was conducting campaign of religious hatred for past four to five months. “There are similarities between the assailant’s statement and the PML-N statement. campaign”, he noted.

“We are like government tried our best register first information minister (FIR),” Cheema said, adding that they received an apology response from the Inspector General. of Police (IGP) at the registry office.

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He also said that some “elements” were involved in in leak of two videos of intruder in guarded. “When the police were asked in in connection with this, they said that they were forced,” he said. added.

Omar Sarfraz Chima also indicated out what Punjab Chief Minister didn’t ask the inspector general of Police (IGP) do not register FIR. “Federal government is creating obstacles in administration of Punjab, including this case,” he said. added.

Cheema claimed that Imran Khan’s life was stopped. in danger and security measures taken in in this respect. “Saving the life of the attacker until the case is solved. over is also a challenge”, – he noted, – everything will be clear JIT once complete his investigation.


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