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Ok Ganesh Festival at Edga Land in Hubali Karnataka: Supreme Court

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations on The land of the Eid in The Supreme Court said Karnataka can go ahead as planned down Petition filed after the Supreme Court ordered his freezing in issue of Bengaluru Edgah Maidan.

Here are the top 10 points in this is big story:

  1. At a midnight hearing, the Supreme Court said a “serious controversy” over Property in issue of Bengaluru Edgah land does not exist in rope case. So the order of Kinagi said the Supreme Court is not applicable.

  2. “This is (Helby Land) a company property And the institution can do what it deems appropriate…they have two days of prayer, Ramadan and Bakri Eid, that of Of course you can’t interfere with it, said the judge.

  3. The decision For Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations on lands of al-Aidah in Hubballi was taken by local civilians body earlier on Tuesday.

  4. the petition in The Supreme Court was lifted by Anjuman-e-Islam after the Supreme Court ordered the status quo in issue of Suggested celebrations on Edge Land in Bengaluru, over 400 km.

  5. The government Order permitting Ganesh Chaturthi rituals in The Eidgah Maidan Challenge from Bengaluru in Supreme Court by the Board of Endowment.

  6. order status quo bench of Judges Indira Banerjee, As Oka and MM Sundrich said Ganesh Pooja could be detained elsewhere.

  7. The Supreme Court will decide the matter on Property of 2.5 acres land, bench also He said.

  8. During lengthy arguments in Supreme Court, endowment board He argued that there is no religion event from any other country community held on The land was also declared as endowment property. “suddenly in 2022 They say it is a disputed land and they are want For Ganesh Chaturthi Festival is here.”

  9. When the court asked the state’s attorney, Mukul Rohatgi, whether there had been any previous trial of Such as events He said in Eida Maidan: “This cannot be the basis for opposition event Currently.”

  10. “I wonder if there is any temple in This country where the minority community He will be allowed in for Prayer ‘shot back Dushyant Dave, who He represented the endowment council. The board also He cited the case of Babri Mosque in He hugged him, saying, “So Chief Minister of above also gave confirmation, in The Babri Mosque case… You are know What happened there?”

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