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Officials upgrade Paris flight, clear Bills each other in Chandigarh

Three senior bureaucrats spent seven days in Paris for Three-day meeting and raising their residence level from five -star luxury hotel property “Closer to the Arc de Triomphe” – after a month, two months of They issued orders approving the additional expenses.

This trip by three senior officials of Union Territory Administration of Chandigarh, which is under the Federal Ministry of Home Affairs, took place in 2015 but details have only now emerged following a request made under the Right to Information (RTI) Act. on Foreigner tours Carried out by city managers over The past 10 years.

RTI records reviewed by Indian ExpressAnd the show That then UT advisor Vijay Dev had initially been punished over Rs 6.5 lakh, Home Minister Anurag Agarwal Rs 5.6 thousand and Personnel Secretary Vikram Dev Dot Rs Rs 5.7 thousand to attend a meeting on Chandigarh designer Le Corbusier work on June 15-17, 2015.

but records show That the three IAS officers later moved hotels and spent over 25 lakh rupees during their stay in Paris from 12 to 18 June 2015 – almost 40% higher than amount It was originally approved.

there more.

records show About a month after that trip, UT’s administrative wing, headed by Personnel Secretary Vikram Dev Dutt, issued orders stating that expenses would be increased. for UT Advisor Vijay Dev approved.

and Dave, in In turn, issued orders stating that the additional expenses incurred for Dutt and Agarwal were cleared.

All three orders stated, “The administrative official is pleased to award a revised sentence. for paying off…on the account of actual expenses.

Vijay Dev Ho currently state election commissioner of Delhi and Chandigarh; Vikram Dev Dutt is the Chairman and Managing Director of Air India Asset Holdings Limited; Anurag Agarwal is Chief Election Officer in Haryana.

records show That 6,57,775 rupees were penalized for Dave on June 10, 2015, a day before the Paris flight, by an order stating that “the official is happy to agree to official visit of Vijay Dev from June 12 to June 18 to attend the meeting of The architecture of Le Corbusier work From June 15 to June 17 at Villa Savoy (in Boise)…”

From this, records showwas to be spent 4.39 thousand rupees on Dave’s stay at the Intercontinental Hotel on Marceau Street 1.77 lakh rupees on business return tickets from Delhi; 40,320 rupees in total on daily bonuses; and the rest on other expenses.

according to senior official in Chandigarh management, bureaucrats at the level of Joint Secretary and above allowed business Return class tickets for official trips.

However, the RTI records show That the three IAS officers turned into a luxury propertyLe Royal Monceau, where the room rent was approx double – for For example, Rs 9.10 lakh has been spent on Dave’s stay.

On 27 July 2017, more More than a month after they were sent back, an order indicating “partial modification” of The management order dated June 10, 2015 was issued by then-Secretary of Personnel Dutt. “… the official is pleased to award a revised sentence for paying off of 1128971 rupees on the account of Actual expenses on The official visit of Vijay Dev” new Mention the system.

On the same day, records showDave is penalized for revised spending of 6.78 lakh rupees for Dutt and 6.61 lakh rupees for Agarwal – 1 lakh rupees more Manal original amount for All. The document has been approved by the private secretary (staff) for Dave.

Vijay Dev has not responded to calls, messages and emails from The Indian Express seeking comment on Trip and expenses included.

Vikram Dev Dutt said, “I don’t have any ready memories of Details, perhaps it was a delegation headed by the Chancellor with Other officers.

You will be reminded of the details of Journey, including change of Dutt said: “All approvals would have been taken by management concerned From the relevant authority, I suppose. I don’t remember any files for Hotel accommodation, etc., is being developed up Through me… Nothing was directed through me or with my knowledge.”

Anurag Agarwal said, “This meeting was really important give A boost to heritage status for Chandigarh. It was a meeting of UNESCO world Heritage sites.

Asked about height of Staying Agarwal said, “If you start There can be questions on everything … you (should) See the intent. We visited some properties designed by Le Corbusier. Also, I remember it was a sad day when we got on the plane. Nick Chand passed away and we really felt it bad. Nick Chand, Founder of The Rock Museum in Chandigarh, Matt on June 12, 2015.

Asked about the change of Agarwal said, “I don’t remember exactly… the chancellor at the time wanted a location Closer to the Arc de Triomphe… It’s just possible We booked a hotel, and that was changed Because of location issues. ”

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